Levin, Tony - Pieces Of The Sun

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Narada
Catalog Number: 72438-11626-2-0
Format: CD
Total Time: 62:02:00

With the song "Apollo" from Tony Levin's Pieces Of The Sun album nominated for a Grammy award this year, it certainly puts things into perspective. The kind of impact that Mr. Levin?s music has and will continue to have on those with attentive enough ears to notice will be self-perpetuating. Not only does the coveted nomination give recognition where it is due, it has finally brought his career into a public eye that was previously blind to genius.

This album, recorded with his band mates from the Peter Gabriel band and California Guitar Trio is an intoxicating amalgamation of rock-jazz-progressive-fusion of the highest order. For me it takes several listens to honestly appreciate what is going on with this type of recording, and trust me there is quite a lot to digest in one sitting. Jesse Gress (guitars), Jerry Marotta (drums) and Larry Fast (keyboards, synths) helped Levin to put this impressive release together.

"Apollo" kicks things off nicely with a dreamy atmospheric tone befitting its name and then an old Gabriel tune "Dog One," which was never released, is re-recorded. It is a futuristic sounding number with a beat that actually sounds more King Crimson then something Gabriel would do, which I found interesting. I could also picture Adrian Belew singing it. "Ever The Sun Will Rise" is the band's magnum opus clocking in at a fat 9:08. With so many elements from different styles and genres coming together and being molded and shaped into one song, it is easy to get lost and then have to listen again to reevaluate what you just heard. For me that is what makes this music so intriguing and challenging to hear. "Tequila" is probably the most perplexing piece, if you do not look at the title of the track it may slip by you that it was actually that song, but when you hear a strong voice say "tequila" it brings you right back to reality. The curtain closer "Silhouette" is the closest thing to jazz-fusion that you will hear on an album that is predominantly progressive rock.

Without question, I could have broken down each track because I enjoyed every one immensely, but then you would know everything to expect and that takes the element of surprise away from you and I do not want to spoil all your fun. Do yourself a favor and get this CD. If you are the music fan that you think you are?you need to hear this masterstroke of instrumental brilliance. I have said this before and I will reiterate?Tony Levin is the greatest bass player alive, enough said.

Apollo (6:49) / Geronimo (3:11) / Aquafin (5:13) / Dog One (5:15) / Tequila (5:20) / Pieces of the Sun (7:20) / Phobos (7:08) / Ooze (4:16) / Blue Nude Reclining (3:08) / The Fifth Man (5:47) / Ever the Sun Will Rise (9:08) / Silhouette (4:37)

Tony Levin - basses, Stick, cello
Jesse Gress - guitars
Larry Fast - synthesizers
Jerry Marotta - drums

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Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: April 6th 2003
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
Artist website: www.tonylevin.com
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