Lindh, Pär - Mundus Incompertus

Year of Release: 1997
Label: Crimsonic
Catalog Number: CLSCD 104
Format: CD
Total Time: 42:31:00

This is the third release from this Swedish keyboardist - and this is definitely the best work to date from Pär Lindh and his band. The line-up on this album is Pär Lindh on keyboards, Magdalena Hagberg on vocals, Nisse Bielield on drums and percussion, Marcus Jaderholm on bass guitar and Jocke Ramsell on electric and acoustic guitar.

Within his own studio Pär had re-captured the spirit of the Seventies and combined it with modern components, to produce an impressive and non-repetitive work. The influence of Keith Emerson is very clear. Perhaps this characteristic comes from the vast experience that Pär has had playing in this genre. In an informal chat, Pär told me that he has two Hammonds, a mellotron and two minimoogs in his studio - no wonder the sound is familiar!

The album consists of three tracks; the last one being a 26-minutes suite. The first track, "Baroque Impression No. 1" is a killer instrumental. The drum has a strong presence with a hard influence - sometimes almost heavy metal - which was amazing. The drummer and the guitarist both have solo sections on the track which passes from heavy metal into blues. "The Crimson Shield" follows. This is the perfect track for the magic voice of Magdalena Hagberg. It has some great lyrics; add a nice arrangment of harpsichord and the tune is complete.

"Mundus Imcompertus" is a voyage into progressive rock Swedish-style. It managed to combine heavy influences with a new look at the musical genre of the Seventies. The bass playing of Marcus Jaderholm was astonishing; and the layering of keyboards from Pär Lindh was out of this world. The female backing vocals, guitar and drums forms an instrumental sound quite new to Brazil. Overall this CD is of the top quality.

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Baroque Impression No. 1 (9:10) / The Crimson Shield (6:38) / Mundus Incompertus (a suite with 14 parts) (26:43 ) - Singillatim Mortales, Eunetim Perpetui - Part1 - Baroque Impressions No. 2 - Vincebus Eruptum - Ad-Libitum - Vincebus Furioso - Fanfare - Motett (choir) - Mysterioso - Singillatim Mortales - Part 2 - Song Of The Dryad - Singillatim Mortales - Part 3 - Fugato - Vincebus Eruption Conclusion.

Pär Lindh - keyboards
Magdalena H?gberg - vocals
Nisse Bielield - drums and percussion
Marcus Jaderholm - bass
Jocke Ramsell - guitars
Jonas Bengtsson - recorder
Inge Thorsson - violin
Michael Axelsson - oboe
Aron Lind - trombone

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Genre: Symphonic Prog

Origin SE

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