Hidria Spacefolk - Symbiosis

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Silence Records
Catalog Number: SLC-009
Format: CD
Total Time: 51:26:00

Talk about "space rock" and chances are only the name Hawkwind will pop up. If you're surrounded by a younger generation then you might be lucky hearing the name Ozric Tentacles mentioned but that's about it. Being no expert in the matter I can nevertheless say that there's much more diversity and potential out there than these two names could have you fooled. Whilst swirling synths are kind of the trademark of this indeed "spacey" genre, Hidria Spacefolk seems to also add a more folky feel to their music adding loops and interspersing acoustic rhythmic guitars. Well known for their energetic live appearances, Symbiosis is the band's debut album and does capture the essence of their power very well.

In my book the word "spacerock" often becomes synonym for "boring." Most of the time it's OK for five minutes but then the same part is being played over and over again. Not so with this band! Contrary to a lot of other bands, Hidria Spacefolk not only floats on repeating sequences but also adds a decent amount of solos and melodies that steer the song towards a certain climax. My favourite probably has to be "Nasha Universo" because if one should add a little more Latin percussion in the mix, you'd end up with some early Santana stuff. Both flute and keys sound divine here! Especially the synth delivers a sound which is not that logical for this kind of music. The band also uses a great selection of different instruments which certainly adds to the diversity on this disc. The intro for "Kaneh Bosm" then turns towards a more technical sound even slightly flirting with techno which soon merges with sitar so it's like two different worlds meeting in one place.

In "Jahwarp" adding some marimba you get a jungle feel which reminds me of Al DiMeola. It's an uptempo composition in which also violin and cello are injected to spice it all up resulting in a wild, fierce ending. A rather "typical" piece of "ongoing" authentic space rock comes at the very end of this disc, yet "Pangaia" also adds a fair amount of great rock guitar which is as if parts from the band Tangle Edge have been copied and pasted. The unlikely sound of acoustic piano also makes an entrance accompanied by some tasty slide guitar before ending with violin and cello like it concerns a true classical piece. As happens very often with this creative kind of music, the sleeve design is something special as well. The design is a foldout cover with the actual disc stuck in the middle and die cut on both sides. A very nice package to hold a stunning debut that longs for more. Much more! As the band describes themselves by means of some keywords Hidria Spacefolk is folk, hypnotic, improvisation, progressive, psychedelica, spacerock, herbs, spiritual, trance. Meanwhile turn down the lights, get that incense burning and plug in that authentic lava lamp.

Terra Hidria (7:03) / Reversion (1:39) / Kaneh Bosm (5:13) / Kaikados (6:18) / Nasha Universo (5:15) / Jahwarp (5:48) / Agents Entropos (3:13) / 1-Mantra (5:14) / Pangaia (11:42)

Kimmo Dammert ? bass
Mikko Happo - electric guitar, didgeridoo, harp
Teemu Kilponen - drums, percussion, voice
Janne Lounatvuori - synthesizer, acoustic and electric piano, organ
Sami Wirkkala - electric, acoustic and midi guitar, mandolin, sitar, jawharp, synthesizer
Teemu V?is?nen - flute
Olli Kari - marimba, vibraphone, percussion
Tuure Paalanen?- cello
Mikko Rajala?- violin
Sabrina - voice

HDRSF-01 (ep) (2001)
Symbiosis (2002)
Balansia (2004)
Violently Hippy Remixes (boxset) (2004)
Live Eleven A.M. (2005)
Symetria (2007)
Live At Heart (2007)

Genre: Psychedelic/Space Rock

Origin FI

Added: March 24th 2003
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

Artist website: www.hidriaspacefolk.st
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Language: english


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