Deventter - The 7th Dimension

Year of Release: 2007
Label: self-released
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 54:32:00

When I think of Brazil, I automatically think of Rio de Janeiro, the carnival and the Amazon. But Brazil is also home to some very good progressive rock bands. Thanks to the wonderful world of MySpace, I came in touch with one of these bands, called Deventter. They were quite happy to send me a copy of their first full length album, The 7th Dimension, and I was very curious to hear their sound.

Well, I must say, the album is quite impressive! It is a very driven album presenting a mixture between excellent prog rock and prog metal, but I would not go as far as calling them a prog metal band. The songs are all over 7 minutes, not including the very weird intro and they even bring an epic suite of almost 18 minutes. So they are not afraid to set the bar pretty high.

And in my opinion they have met the expectations. The song writing is diverse and exciting. When I listen to the album, I do not have immediate associations with other known songs or bands, which is good. It is clear these guys know how to write a good rock song. Also musically, each member knows his place and at no time the music becomes chaotic. All the ingredients for an enjoyable listening experience are present. The band even incorporates some beautiful orchestrations in the music.

The epic track "The Longest Day" is a real highlight of the album. The band has divided it into 4 separate tracks, but it should be listened to as one piece. It showcases the band's ability to build up a song and hold the attention of the listener.

I really enjoyed listening to the 7th Dimension and do feel these guys have an enormous potential. Yet they do need some guidance. This album is evidence enough they can write good and solid songs. But in the production field they could use a hand, as the production, especially for the drums, could be a lot better and that would make the album even greater to listen to. But then again, I found the same problems these guys have with the first albums of Symphony X, so there is hope. :-)

Excellent, driven and energetic album. I can definitely recommend it to those who like their music melodic with some heavy touches.

Birth (1:24) / A Paradox Of Self Destruction (11:01) / Life (7:23) / The Meeting (8:03) / The Longest Day (17:43) / The Secret Of Your Power (8:53)

Filipe Sch?ffer - vocals
Caio Teixteira - percussion
André Gabriotti - bass
Danilo Pilla Assumpção - guitars
André Marengo - guitars
Hugo Bertolaccini - keyboards

The Beauty ? And The Dark Side Of Our Lives (ep) (2001)
The 7th Dimension (2007)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin BR

Added: September 17th 2007
Reviewer: Marcel Haster
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Language: english


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