Pica, Tony - Soul Occupation

Year of Release: 2003
Label: independent
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 59:00:00

Tony Pica's Soul Occupation is playing music and his multitude of talent becomes transformed in his music. On this generous helping of quirky and funky jazz influenced rock and pop he cuts loose with 16 tracks highlighted by skillful guitar playing and warm vocals.

The title track sets you up to get down and funky with a rock-rap ditty and from there the ride is ever changing. It took me a few songs to be come accustomed to his vocal style because it is not what you would expect to hear accompanying this kind of music, thus it has an uncommon uniqueness. He reminded me of an alternative rock singer influenced by the Velvet Underground and Lou Reed and a jazz-fusion guitar player such as Al DiMeola. The closest comparison to any one singer I could come up with was Bob Dylan, but with more depth and feeling. It sounds like an interesting combination and believe me, it is.

There is nothing but variety offered the listener on this CD. There is nary a second wasted in all 16 tracks so you would be well advised to keep your ears glued to the speakers. Because of his many talents, he is able to stretch genre boundaries and find his own sound without compromising it by any influences, not an easy thing to do mind you, especially if you have any that are particularly dominant. I really do not know where Tony is coming from in that frame of reference but what I do know is that he comes from a place in the heart and he is the real deal, you can hear it in his voice and the way he plays his instruments.

Admittedly, I was not quite sure what to think at first but as I listened, it grew on me. In the end, it was his originality and sounding different from anyone I have ever heard that won me over. This kind of album throws you some curve balls yet you get a homerun pitch that drives in the winning run at the end of the game.

Soul Occupation (3:31) / Sun, Moon, Earth, And Sky (4:02) / Regina (3:36) / Waking Up In February (4:00) / Wiseman (3:57) / Downtown (4:11) / Midnight Listenin' To The Saxophone (4:41) / She's Got A Lot To Offer (3:35) / Waiting Much Too Long (3:01) / Flippin' Through The USA (3:36) / How You Used To Be (3:50) / Spanish Night (4:03) / All God's Children (3:58) / Wrong Side Of Town (3:59) / Every Grain Of Sand (4:04) / Untitled (3:36)

Tony Pica - guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals, harmonica
Brent Easton - drums
Chris Szajko - drums
Aaron Dewinter - drums
Ed Lester - flute and saxophone
Richard Williams (aka Sir Richard) - saxophone

Soul Occupation (2003)

Genre: Various Genres

Origin US

Added: April 20th 2003
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
Artist website: www.tonypica.com
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Language: english


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