Tool - Lateralus

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Zoo Entertainment
Catalog Number:
Format: CD
Total Time: 78:58:00

This review is excerpted from Clayton's May 4, 2003 The Prog Life column found here -ed.

Tool isn't as far removed from the prog world as many other mainstream groups are. Their love of King Crimson is well known, and they even toured with the Crim a year or so ago. In fact, I remember in one interview, one of Tool's members commented something along the lines of, "Now that we're playing with King Crimson, all our fans are going to know where we stole all our ideas!" Truthfully, though, Tool doesn't sound much like King Crimson, although the influence is definitely there. Like KC, for example, Tool's music often goes from a whisper to a roar, although in the case of Tool, the roar is heavy metal. All in all, Tool's music is surprisingly complex for mainstream metal.

The Grudge (8:36) / Eon Blue Apocalypse (1:04) / The Patient (7:13) / Mantra (1:12) / Schism (6:47) / Parabol (3:04) / Parabola (6:03) / Ticks & Leeches (8:10) / Lateralus (9:24) / Disposition (4:46) / Reflection (11:07) / Triad (8:47) / Faaip De Oaid (2:39)

Maynard James Keenan - vocals
Adam Jones - guitar
Justin Chancellor - bass
Danny Carey - drums
Statik - machines (12)

Opiate (ep) (1992)
Undertow (1993)
Ænima (1996)
Salival (box set) (2000)
Lateralus (2001)
10,000 Days (2006)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: May 4th 2003
Reviewer: Clayton Walnum

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Language: english


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