Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso - Di Terra

Year of Release: 199x
Label: Virgin
Catalog Number: MPICD1002
Format: CD
Total Time: 41:47:00

Di Terra is, in my opinion, the last great album by Italian progressive rock band Banco.

This can be considered a rock opera, which the group recorded between March and April of 1978, maybe following the nearest example of ELP's Works published in 1977.

This release is a mix of rock and classical music, and demonstrates the Nocenzi brothers' musical origin: they had studied classical piano a lot in the past, and it can be noticed if you listen to this CD. Vittorio Nocenzi, in fact, is also responsible for the orchestration and at the same time is the orchestra maestro. Di Terra also represents Gianni Nocenzi's maturity, as he wrote much of the music for this album. An important thing to remark upon is that Di Terra is an instrumental release, so if you like Francesco Di Giacomo's voice you'll be upset about this news. Di Giacomo wrote only the titles of the tracks, which themselves form one poetic sentence.

The music is written following the scheme of classical music and of the movie soundtracks: there are a lot of themes that repeat themselves and the electronic instruments often don't appear, if we excluded some synth solos and a few guitar riffs. Rodolfo Maltese, who is the man responsible for all the electric guitars on this album, plays the trumpet more than the guitar, though I prefer him as a guitar player.

The masters of the field are, as always, the Nocenzi brothers, who wrote almost all the pieces and the arrangements, which is perhaps the most important section of the disc. In fact a huge part of the record is performed by the horn and strings arrangement, to demonstrate the classical influence.

Originally released in 1978 by Ricordi (SMRL 6226), reissued in the 1980s by Ricordi/Orizzonte (ORL 8479) and again in the 1990s by Virgin on LP (MPIT1002) and CD (MPICD 1002); Virgin reissued it on CD again in 2000 (7866062)

Nel Cielo E Nelle Altre Cose Mute (Do Largo) (4:39) / Terramadre (Sol Improvviso) (3:08) / Non Senza Dolore (Chorale In Fa Minore) (5:02) / Io Vivo (Fusione Per Trenta Elementi) (9:08) / N? Pi? Di Un Albero Non Meno Di Una Stella (Do Gruppo) (8:01) / Nei Suoni E Nei Silenzi (Pulsazioni In Si Minore) (5:48) / Di Terra (Sagra Del Sol) (5:57)

Vittorio Nocenzi ? syhnts, organ, electric piano
Gianni Nocenzi ? piano
Rodolfo Maltese ? electric guitar, acoustic guitar, trumpet
Pierluigi Calderoni ? drums and percussion
Renato D'Angelo ? electric bass
Alan King ? alto sax and flute
Unione musicisti di Roma orchestra directed by Vittorio Nocenzi

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Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin IT

Added: May 18th 2003
Reviewer: Davide Guidone

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