Pain Of Salvation - Be

Year of Release: 2004
Label: InsideOut
Catalog Number: IOMCD 184/SPV 085 60992
Format: CD
Total Time: 75:53:00

This review is excerpted from Clayton's October 31, 2004 The Prog Life column found here -ed.

Pain of Salvation (POS) fans know that one can never guess what the band will pull off next. Just as POS were cementing their reputation as a metal band, out they came with an entirely acoustic album (their previous release 12:5). Now POS has taken an even larger step away from their metal roots and ventured into the realm of classical music. Sure, a few authentically metal moments pop up on the album, but by and large, an orchestra -- accompanied by piano and various world instruments -- perform this concept album's score, with the band seeming to provide only a supporting role. In point of fact, BE is more a Daniel Gildenlöw solo album than a bona fide POS release. One thing is for sure: BE is destined to generate controversy. But I like it, anyway.

Animae Partus / Deus Nova / Imago / Pluvius Aestivus / Lilium Cruentus / Nauticus / Dea Pecuniae / Vocari Dei / Diffidentia / Nihil Morari / Latertius Valette / Omni / Iter Impius / Matius/Nauticus II / Animae Partus II

Daniel Gildenlöw - lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Frederik Hermannson - grand piano, harpsichord
Johan Langell - drums, percussion, vocals
Kristoffer Gildenlöw - acoustic basses, cello
Johan Hallgren - guitar, vocals

Entropia (1998)
One Hour By The Concrete Lake (1999)
The Perfect Element (2000)
Remedy Lane (2002)
12:5 (2004)
Be (2004)
The Orchestration Of Eternity - Be (original stage production)
Scarsick (2007)
Linoleum (EP) (2009)
Ending Themes (On The Two Deaths Of Pain Of Salvation) (2009)
Road Salt One (2010)
Road Salt Two (2011)
Falling Home (2014)
The Passing Light Of Day (2016)

Be - Live DVD (DVD) (2005)
Ending Themes (On The Two Deaths Of Pain Of Salvation) (DVD) (2009)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin SE

Added: October 31st 2004
Reviewer: Clayton Walnum
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Language: english


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