Angra - Rebirth World Tour - Live in São Paulo

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Atrheia Records
Catalog Number: 7015002-3
Format: DVD
Total Time: 160:00:00

Angra releases this live DVD recorded in their native Sao Paulo, Brazil after coming off the successful release of their comeback CD Rebirth, their subsequent tour putting them right in the USA limelight at ProgPower held in Atlanta, Ga. in November of 2002 and the latest 2-CD set of the same name, Rebirth World Tour.

After having seen them in Atlanta, it was a no-brainer to buy this DVD blindly and immediately upon release. If one thinks back to the live CD set though, there was a lot of negative feedback concerning the sound of the disc, some likening it to an "official bootleg" sound. The sound was a bit tinny, restrained, and very un-like Angra. One look at the artwork, and again it's a no-brain decision to grab this disc, after all its Angra right? Well, I imagine that most people expected the DVD sound to be better than the CD sound, and as it turns out, this is not the case. In fact, it sounds like the recording on both sound exactly the same. Unfortunately, those of us who bought this and expected something superior to the CD were disappointed immediately. The Dolby Digital / Dolby Surround insignias on the DVD case are a bit misleading - most of the sound is sent to the center channel and collapses the entire show to that channel, with minimum signal sent to the rears, and I use the term "minimal" loosely here. It is wise and necessary to play this disc in the STEREO mode to get the best sound and effects, but you lose the surround mode by doing this, which doesn't say much either way. The collapsed sound of the Dolby mode forces you to play it this way, so get past this immediately.

The video portion of the DVD is quite the opposite of the audio portion. While the audio leaves something to be desired, the video is quite sparkling and reaches out at you in every vibrant color known to man. It's stunning, vivid, and as colorful as one can look up on a stage. It appears that no expense was spared of the video taping part of this project, so you will have to decide which is the lesser of the two evils. You will not get the best of both worlds here. Faces, instruments, lights, all come screaming out of your television set, and if you have a higher quality DVD player and / or television, stand by for some serious video in your living room.

That said, the performance is what Angra is all about. The band makes their way through all of their discs, including a generous portion of Holy Land, which I'm sure pleases more than one individual out there. Many songs come from Rebirth, and reach back to Angel's Cry. Edu easily handles all of the Andre Matos material, and you will not be disappointed during the Matos tunes. Kiko Loureiro and Rafael Bittencourt have been together long enough to know their parts, and pull off the speedy, twin guitar attack with ease. Kiko Loureiro is the more animated of the two, and certainly gives one the impression that he is certainly underrated in the metal world today. The standout of the band is easily Aquiles Priester, who drums his way through the speedy tunes with ease and little animation, and his drum solo is very watch able and entertaining. His steady poise, and little movement remind me of Jason Rullo's style (Symphony X) in which he pounds out the drums feverishly while hardly moving his body.

Extras include several songs recorded at various other locations around the world, and a picture galleria. One final note, Edu speaks his way through the whole DVD in his native tongue, which I believe is Portuguese, so do not expect to hear anything remotely familiar during his talks with the audience. In addition, I hear at this writing that the European release has been pulled or delayed with no word on the actual release date at this time.

As far as the DVD goes, and the price for it, if you are an absolute Angra fan and have to own everything they release, then you know what to expect; however, if you expect a DVD to be the end all of video/audio, then you will be very disappointed in the sound of this DVD. It's nowhere near terrible, but it certainly could be a lot better than what it is.

In Excelsis / Nova Era / Acid Rain / Angels Cry / Heroes Of Sand / Metal Icarus / Millenium Sun / Make Believe / Drums Solo / Unholy Wars / Rebirth / Time / Running Alone / Crossing / Nothing To Say / Unfinished Allegro / Carry On / The Number Of The Beast

Edu Falaschi - vocals
Felipe Andreoli - bass
Kiko Loureiro - guitar
Rafael Bittencourt - guitar
Aquiles Priester - drums

Reaching Horizons (1992) (Demo-Tape)
Angels Cry (1993)
Holy Land (1996)
Freedom Call (ep) (1996)
Holy Live (ep) (1997)
Fireworks (1998)
Rebirth (2001)
Hunters And Prey (ep) (2002)
Rebirth World Tour - Live in Sáo Paulo (2002)
Temple Of Shadows (2004)
Aurora Consurgens (2006)
Aqua (2010)
Best Reached Horizons (2012)
Angels Cry - 20th Anniversary Tour (2013)
Secret Garden (2014)

Rebirth World Tour - Live in Sáo Paulo (DVD) (2003)
Angels Cry - 20th Anniversary Tour (2013)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin BR

Added: June 1st 2003
Reviewer: Larry "LarryD" Daglieri

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Language: english


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