Into Eternity - Into Eternity

Year of Release: 2000
Label: DVS Records
Catalog Number: DVS002
Format: CD
Total Time: 43:16:00

Canada isn't a country one normally associates with death metal, or, at least, I don't, as it seems that most of the bands one hears about and from come from Europe - Sweden and Germany mainly. At least that's the impression. When one thinks of Canadian rock bands (prog or otherwise) it's Rush and Bryan Adams that jump immediately to mind?Triumph, too. (Oh, dare we mention Celine Dion?) Those of us who listen to a wide range of progressive music - be it rock, metal, ambient, etc. - know that Canada holds more than just these three - a few have been reviewed here, too. But, even then, I don't think many think of death metal when they think of Canada. I sure don't. Well, Into Eternity hail from Canada and death metal they are. Fans of melodic metal will find quite a bit to like here, too ? except those growly death vocals. For those who don't particularly care for that style, you'll be glad that the growly bits are kept to a minimum. For those who only like the growly bits, well?they are kept to a minimum in favor of the melodic quotient.

Where Into Eternity don't compromise is in the music - this is a full-on thrashing, played with such a force that if weren't for vocalist Tim Roth's sweet, high vocals you'd be ripped to shreds. I'm reminded of the thrill I had upon first hearing Metallica - well, the stuff before their 1991 mega-album, that is to say. Coming from a diet of melodic prog from the likes of Yes, Marillion, etc, and pop from the Eagles, Billy Joel, etc., this sonic assault was energy on overload. Into Eternity isn't all hyperactive speed metal, as "A Frozen Escape" is slower paced, more textured, balladic in style. Kind of ironic that something sung and played so sweetly is so?well, depressing. I suppose. The lyrics are quite enigmatic, where just when you think it's about committing suicide, a phrase will take it another direction. Perhaps this inscrutability of the lyrics owes to the fact that they read as random thoughts, as we flit from idea to idea?like a collage of images. All except "Into Eternity," that is, which is one thought expanded upon. The constant I see is the repeated images of escape - i.e. suicide, making everything variations on a theme. Oh, by the way, I don't mean to imply that Into Eternity's mix of styles is a compromise to get promoted or anything, just that they give no quarter with the instrumental aspect of their music. [Yeh, that was clear as mud. - ed.]

The irony is that Roth sounds so cheerful singing about wanting escape, of wanting out of the dark despair he finds himself in (in the context of the album). And the growly bits from the pits of hell seem out of place as well - in that the place he's reached is far darker than just depression, and I would think he'd have moved beyond internalizing into externalizing - death to them not the self. Anyway, I'm not being snobbish here. Yes, for me, the earnestly delivered growly bits make me chuckle, but then so do overly bright, cheerful lyrics, too (Donovan anyone?). I mean, it sounds like the microphone's being swallowed by some grotesque, unfathomable beast. Folks call these "cookie monster" vocals, but this beast is far more sinister than a blue Muppet in a trashcan.

So, what do I think? I love the music, they can deliver both on technique and style - there is this silvery metallic sheen over the whole sound, however? cold, hard,? like the steel of a blade. Which means there is some residual shrillness here at the edges. Not a complaint, an observation?adds to the mood and feel. I like the vocals, as Roth sings well and has a pleasant voice; he seems quite sincere about what he's singing. Can't give you a "sounds like" here, but it's not because his voice sounds unique, I'm just drawing a blank. Hearing the lyrics in context, they work. Overall, my favourites are "A Frozen Escape" and "Into Eternity," the first being, as I said, stronger on the melodic.

This self-titled debut was originally released in Canada by the band themselves in 1999, and has been re-issued by DVS Records. The band will soon be releasing their follow up, also on DVS Records, as well possibly tour Europe in 2001

Aug 2009: DVS Records is no more. To date, doesn't seem to have been reissued.

Torn (5:33) / Sorrow (3:50) / Left Behind (3:16) / The Modern Day (4:54) / A Frozen Escape (3:51) / Behind The Disquise (4:16) / Holding Onto Emptiness (4:53) / Into Eternity (4:07) / Speak Of The Dead (3:58) / Silence Through Virtue (4:50)

Tim Roth - lead vocals, guitar
Chris McDougall - keyboards
Jim Austin - drums, vocals
Scott Krall - bass, vocals
Chris Eisler ? guitar
(although Daniel Nargang is credited)

Into Eternity (1999/2000)
Dead Or Dreaming (2001/2002)
Buried In Oblivion (2004)
The Scattering Of Ashes (2006)
The Incurable Tragedy (2008)

Genre: Death-Black Metal

Origin CA

Added: February 4th 2001
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
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Language: english


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