Giltrap, Gordon - Fear Of The Dark

Year of Release: 1999
Label: Lacooka Ratcha Records
Catalog Number: LCVP112CD
Format: CD
Total Time: 54:05:00

Not only did this set introduce a bigger interest in the person of Gordon Giltrap, years on it can still be seen as one of his very best albums ever. Around the release of Fear Of The Dark, Giltrap went on a succesful tour also getting a decent amount of media attention. Backed by the great rhythm tandem of Simon Philips and John G. Perry, Gordon's acoustic finesse shines all over this disc and extra underlines the great quality of his compositions. From the moment he strums the guitar on "Roots" you know you're in for a real treat. It's the little details in the arrangement which create a true musical adventure with various percussion and keyboards adding to the mystique of the track. Great attention goes towards the vocal harmonies which together with the simplicity of the acoustic guitar and the classic sound of the piano create a wonderful and warm atmosphere. Talking of atmosphere, what about the great build up of "Nightrider" including great orchestral themes before thin whistle leads you towards a Riverdance feel. "Inner Dream" introduces a resting point on the album with Gordon gently playing one chord at a time in the introduction, the sound moving from one channel to the other and gradually building the song towards the instrumental climax we all know and love. Extra points here for the high pitched Shirlie Roden, the fast John Renbourn-like guitar playing and the percussive attacks from Simon Philips.

The speed with which Gordon attacks his instruments often results in a playful tune as is illustrated during "Fast Approaching," also boasting some sombre synth sounds courtesy of Rod Edwards. What better way to illustrate the intense amount of melancholy than by putting exactly that word in the title. "Melancholy Lullaby" includes a wonderful, gentle string ensemble that enhances the fragile nature of Giltrap's acoustic guitar. Glockenspiel and electric guitar come and disturb the piece during the titletrack "Fear Of The Dark" with Rod Edwards emulating Gordon's guitar parts on synth. Four bonus tracks have been added to this release. The single version of "Fear Of The Dark" certainly has a more commercial beat, almost flirting with disco. Talking of disco, how about the inclusion of a real brass section during the single version of "Oh Well" written by the great Peter Green. For those of you who still have a vacant spot in their record collection under the letter G, then let this Fear Of The Dark be the introduction to a great man and his music!

Released in conjunction with Voiceprint

Roots (Parts One And Two) / Nightrider / Inner Dream / Weary Eyes / Fast Approaching / Melancholy Lullaby / Fear Of The Dark / Visitation / Catwalk Blues* / Smiler* / Fear Of The Dark (Single Version)* / Oh Well (Single Version)*

Gordon Giltrap - guitars
Rod Edwards - keyboards
John G. Perry - bass
Simon Philips - drums
Roger Hand - rhythm guitar, percussion

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Genre: Other

Origin UK

Added: March 21st 2001
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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Language: english


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