Anima - Singularities

Year of Release: 1995
Label: Progressive Rock Worldwide
Catalog Number: PRW 033
Format: CD
Total Time: 48:24:00

The superb Brazilian label Progressive Rock Worldwide has added a couple of jewels to their already impressive crown! With Singularities, Anima delivers one of the best products in a long time! Only five songs on this CD, between 6-minutes and 15-minutes in length and without any doubt one of today's better products! The music is equally divided between instrumental parts and vocal parts. The singing, which with most South-American bands is THE problem, is one of the absolute highlights here ! One moment it refers to the British band Edge, then again it reminds me slightly of Michael Chapman penetrating through the impressive backbone of fierce bass, cutting guitars and underlying keyboards which create the perfect harmony for the original Anima compositions.

Strong Pink Floyd references from their Echoes period can be found in the intro to the 15-minute long "Tunnel Of Light" before the rhythm changes and even the inclusion of classical opera voices steer this song towards an own concept. I should also underline the importance of the bass here whose sound gets very close to that of Stanley Clarke. The build up of the song is phenomenal with lots of room for melody and slight Steve Howe-like guitar interventions.

It's strange how many interesting releases are coming out of South-America right now and it's especially down to great labels such as Rock Symphony, New Mellotron, Record Runner and this Progressive Rock Worldwide to give these bands a chance so we can witness their great music. Now all you have to do is buy those shimmering 5" discs and leave for another world!

Big Bang (8:03) / Tunnel Of Light (15:28) / Black Hole (1:50) / Candle Of Touch (6:26) / Don:t Know What I Like (6:15)

Zé Lima - guitars
Frederico Paulo -
Flavio Araujo - keyboards
Little David (David Santos) - voice, bass
Liliane Falcao - vocals
Andre Zichtl - electric guitars
Claudio Cepeda - bass
Fred Castro - drums
Lincoln Olivetti - backing vocals

Tempus Stetisse (1992)
Singularities (1996)
The Book Of Comedy (1999)
Anima Dominium (2006)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin BR

Added: March 15th 2001
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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Hits: 1994
Language: english


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