Apocalypse - Perto Do Amanhacer

Year of Release: 1995
Label: Musea Records
Catalog Number: FGBG 4136.AR
Format: CD
Total Time: 67:36:00

Contrary to a lot of releases from South-American bands this is not a re-release but new material from a current Brazilian quartet. Whilst the band states their idols to be Yes, Marillion, Genesis, ELP, Rush, Pink Floyd, Queen, Vangelis and Jethro Tull you could indeed say that their music is a combination of all these elements with a strong emphasis on Marillion.

Eight of the twelve tracks are original Apocalypse songs whilst four songs are written by keyboard player Eloy Fritsch. Apocalypse's music is very fluent, very clear in an excellent "open" production by Edu Coelho. The main setback might be the Brazilian singing which, as with Japanese bands, is not always on the same lyrical level as their music. "Magia" holds some nice synth solos and a very crisp drum sound.

Sometimes it's a pity that the band choses a "cheap" solution where it could've added an important extra element. I'm referring to "Fantasia Mistica" where the band applies the use of flute but choses to perform this part on a synth! I mean if you create the possibility and you are a fan of Jethro Tull, then please look out for a guest musician to add real flute to your recording rather than look for a second rate sound. It's extra painful in this track because it's an instrumental and the flute could've taken over the role of the singer!

Way before the Disney classic, Apocalypse has chosen to include a track by the name of "Notredame" which again is a true showcase for the talented Eloy Fritsch giving Rick Wakeman a run for his money. His playing nicely alternates with the guitar solos of his brother Ruy. Ruy's acoustic playing in "Nascente" works really well. Singer Chico Casara tries to sound very Fish-like in "Corta" and is helped very much by the strong Marillion flavoured arrangement. Again Eloy's keyboardplaying is very reminiscent of Rick Wakeman!

As a debut, Perto Do Amanhecer really is a fine album although there are plenty of possibilities for the band to expand their sound and create even more wonderful music.

Ao Cair No Espago (2:48) / Terra Azul (8:28) / Magia (5:52) / Fantasia Mistica (8:01) / Notredame (4:15) / Nascente (3:50) / Na Terra Onde As Folkas Caem (6:23) / Lagrimas (5:42) / Corta (6:11) / A Paz De Solidao (3:19) / Limites De Vento (7:49) / So A Luz De Um Olhar (4:48)

Chico Casara - vocals, bass
Ruy Fritsch - guitars
Eloy Fritsch - synthesizer, organ, piano
Chico Fasoli - drums, electronic percussion

Apocalypse (1991)
Perto Do Amanhecer (1995)
Aurora Dos Sonhos (1996)
Lendas Encantadas (1997) The Best Of Apocalypse (1998)
Live In USA (2000) Refugio (2003)
Magic (2004)
Live In Rio (2007)

Live In Rio (DVD) (2007)

Genre: Symphonic Prog

Origin BR

Added: March 15th 2001
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

Artist website: www.apocalypseband.com
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Language: english


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