Eternal Flight - Under The Sign Of Will

Year of Release: 2007
Label: Nightmare Records
Catalog Number: NMR 352
Format: CD
Total Time: 00:00:00

Nothing is so good that it warrants an indefinite contract. Even so, this album has many strong suits. The playing is tight whereas the keyboards seamlessly blur with the metal.

Contrarily, the compositions could use a little rework as they're often repetitive and the singing is frequently off-key. This seems to be most prevalent when the singer attempts to reach the stratosphere. Believe it or not, the guitars are intermittently out of tune as well.

The shortcomings are most heard in "Edge Of Fire," which is the opening track.

Once I survived the hazing, I welcomed the bass in "Dark Society." This more closely parallels the melodic undertow used in Pallas' power-train. Still putting a lug wrench to this track, the guitar solos were quick-witted whilst the unexpected piano in the outro was cute.

We happen upon the title track on the third lift, and it is one of the best. At this point, it appears they are gaining traction with each attempt. The beat goes on in an engaging fashion particularly when the singing takes a backseat. Once a voice enters the crosswalk, there is a crash due to all the distracting shrieks.

Because Eternal Flight had its moments, I stayed on for the entire job. Yet, I must admit that I couldn't resist the impulses to rubberneck.

I must also point out that there was a stupendous guitar solo in the middle of "Next Ones On The List" and I found that "Friends" proved to be steady and true as a power ballad. For the latter, the singer cleverly incorporated an acoustic guitar before his associates welded the remaining framework. Might they consider contracting themselves out as an instrumental act in the future?

By the way, names have been purposely withheld to better protect egos, and while I may have taken pot shots at earlier numbers, my overall favorite comes at the end. "Ghost (With A Different Soul)" pulls out all the stops and instills the least amount of tribulation in terms of sonic modulation.

[Of course, the editor does include the names below? -ed.]

In retrospect, there are strained notes in every piece. While this may have worked for The Darkness, I cannot notarize the high notes or - for that matter - vouch for any of the falsetto here.

Edge Of Fire / Dark Society / Under The Sign Of Will / The Forgotten Side / Deaf, Dumb, Blind / Next Ones On The List / Friends / The Curse / Miracle Man / Ghost (With A Different Soul)

G?rard Fois - vocals
Arnaud Gorbaty - drums
Christophe Offredi - guitars
Nicolas Jean Pierre - bass
S?bastien Vibert - keys

Positive Rage (2004)
Under The Sign Of Will (2007)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin FR

Added: January 27th 2008
Reviewer: Joshua "Prawg Dawg" Turner
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Language: english


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