Credo - Field Of Vision

Year of Release: 1994
Label: Cyclops
Catalog Number: CYCL012
Format: CD
Total Time: 45:24:00

What you get on this debut by Credo is typical British progressive rock as it has been for the last decade. In contrast with the popular seventies there's more of a powerful rhythm present in the song structures which probably has to do with the fact that a lot of the gigs find their way into the pubs.

Obviously that particular audience doesn't like the theatrical approach and wants music with bollocks. That's exactly what you get here: good old honest rock music with an emphasis on the guitar. The lyrics are well written but I find they lose some of their impact due to the sometimes weak vocal perfor-mance of Mark Colton. Without any doubt they might sound much better live but then we have to point a finger into the direction of the production team ...

With a name like Credo the link with charismatic figure Fish is rather obvious. That's why it's extra painful to hear that some of the songs only get half of the treatment they deserve. "Alicia" is a nice track but the rhythm is very flat whilst the singing lacks every bit of emotion. "Power To The Nth Degree" has some strong political jaundice but there's so much to sing about and it's all done in virtually the same way that it loses all power. Apparently "Sweet Scarlet Whisper" acknowledges the brilliance of Geoff Mann. In fact the song sets off into the Simple Minds direction but the main problem seems to be there's no difference between the chorus and the rest of the song. This also crops up in a number of other songs!

Some of the songs are nicely done but I guess Credo will remain one of the pub circuit's attractions if they continue in this vein. About half of the demos we receive offer better quality! There simply isn't room for them in the upper regions of the current British progscene! Sorry, but you could give me Summer Indoors everyday instead.

[In 2005, Credo released their second album, Rhetoric; while we have not yet reviewed it here, you can find reviews linked to from the Credo website (including DPRP, and Prog Archives). The band are scheduled to appear at the Rites of Spring Festival 2008. - ed. Feb 2008]

Rules Of Engagement (3:40) / Good Boy (5:18) / Power To The Nth Degree (4:51) / Phantom (4:46) / Don't Look Back (4:51) / Alicia (4:08) / Sweet Scarlet Whisper (4:42) / Party (5:47) / A Kindness? (7:22)

Paul Clarke - percussion
Tim Birrell - guitar
Mik Stovold - keyboards
Mark Colton - vocals
Jim Murdoch - bass

Field Of Vision (1994)
Rhetoric (2005)
This Is What We Do (2009)
Against Reason (2011

This Is What We Do (DVD) (2009)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin UK

Added: May 8th 2001
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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Language: english


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