Deus Ex Machina - Equilibrismo Da Insofferenza

Year of Release: 1998
Label: Kaliphonia
Catalog Number: KRC-D20
Format: CD
Total Time: 72:35:00

On Equilibrismo Da Insofferenza, Deus Ex Machina sound notably different from other Italian prog rock bands such as PFM or Banco, due in large part to the new role horns take in the music. Often, such as in the opening track, "Distrazione Infinita," Deus Ex Machina sounds like Frank Zappa conducting 70s era Chicago (you know, back when Chicago was actually good?). That is, Deus Ex Machina's sound on this album is more jazz oriented than their peers, featuring multiple horn parts, syncopated rhythms, and an almost free-form sensibility. Sometimes they even sound a bit like Weather Report.

Deus Ex Machina can also put together a visceral sound not unlike King Crimson's more boisterous works, with raging dissonance and harrowing themes. Moreover, skilled singer Alberto Piras belts out the tunes with a savagery reserved for vocalists in metal bands like Queensryche. Despite the all-Italian (or is that Latin?) lyrics, Piras's solid voice and strong performances sound less alien to non-Italian music fans than other Italian singers might. Piras is a real pro.

For the most part, the energy level on this album is in the stratosphere, with screaming guitar, pounding drums, and growling organ. This is powerful stuff. Once in a while, things tone down a bit, as in the mostly acoustic, instrumental piece "Amori Difficili," which features a masterful acoustic guitar performance backed by inspired Jaco Pastorious-like bass lines. But most tracks challenge the listener with speedy interchanges, constantly shifting meter, and wild rhythms. Folks, this just may be my favorite Italian prog album.

La SinDrome Del Falso Amico (0:05) / Distrazione Infinita (10:32) / Cosmopolitismo Centimetropolitano (10:33) / Amori Difficili (5:20) / Incomunicabilita (11:20) / Equilibrismo Da Insofferenza (7:32) / Dove Non Puo Esserci Contraddizione (7:08) / Trot-tronic (3:13) / La Fine Del Mondo (16:33)

Claudio Trotta - drums
Alessandro Porre Porreca - bass
Maurino Collina - guitar
Alessandro Bonetti - violin
Luigi Riccia Ricciardiello - keyboards
Alberto Piras - vocals

Gladium Caeli (1991)
Deus Ex Machina (1993)
De Republica (1995)
Diacronie Metronomiche (1996)
Equilibrismo Da Insofferenza (1998)
Cinque (2002)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin IT

Added: May 8th 2001
Reviewer: Clayton Walnum

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