Singularity - Color Of Space

Year of Release: 1999
Label: self-released (dist. through Fossil Records
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 46:33:00

I cheekily suggested in my review of Singularity's track on the Unearthed compilation that they so wanted to be Rush -- based on "Ebb And Flow," that would seem to be the case. You'll also get that sense with "Ripple Of Time," the leadoff track on Color Of Space. But I also thought of Big Picture (who also have/had Rush tendencies) and of Germany's Formula. There's a cheerfulness to their music that isn't in Rush's music. Not that Rush are gloomy, but there wasn't an overly up sense to their music, even in their early years. You must also imagine that Mark Kelly was the fourth member of Rush, as there are swirling, Marillionesque keys in their mix. Actually, to distill all this down to a single idea - imagine if Geddy Lee and Mark Kelly collaborated on a project, letting Peart write the lyrics, and session musicians played the other parts. The result would be Singularity. Andrew Goldhawk is in the Lee role, though he doesn't sound exactly like Geddy Lee -- he has a similar way of singing. His is of the latter day Lee?well, I'd say Rush from the early 80s. John Green is in the Kelly role, and the band is Peart (since no single lyricist is credited). There are brief parts of "Lenses" that hint at Yes as well, both in the music and in Goldhawk sounding a bit like Jon Anderson).

Although it doesn't really sound the same, there is a similarity to the beginning of "Who We Are" and "Mission" (from Rush's Hold Your Fire) - keys mainly. From the moment the vocals come in, it does move away from it. Watery guitars come in and remind me of Marillion's "Estonia" (This Strange Engine) and the dreaminess of the arrangement harks back to Brave and Holidays In Eden, but much less so the latter. "Mars Direct" might be termed their "YYZ," if "Ebb And Flow" is their "Chemistry." With "Who We Are" you will also be reminded of Alan Parson's Project.

What also heightens the Rush comparisons isn't just the sound, but their whole approach. One element to Rush's whole sound is Peart's lyrics - his use of metaphor and simile, the poetic nature of his lines whereby vast meaning is conveyed in a minimum number of words. On the surface at least, Singularity have the same approach. You can hear this most definitely in "Ebb And Flow."

What keeps them from sounding 100% like Rush (other than the keys) is that they are missing that essential Rush punch to the sound. It may have more to do with production and than performance, as they are certainly trying. But because there is a dreamy spaciness to the arrangements, everything seems played through a soft-focus filter, including Goldhawk's vocals.

Color Of Space is a pleasant enough release that perhaps relies to much upon Rush for structure and feel, but is otherwise a nice listen.

Since this album's release, Goldhawk has left and as of last February the band had planned to continue as a trio, with guitarist Matt taking on bass duties. Among the soundfiles available on the band's site are three tracks scheduled for their second release.

Ripple In Time (5:04) / Mars Direct (3:34) / Ebb And Flow (7:33) / Who We Are (8:48) / Strange Attraction (6:19) / Lenses (15:55)

Andrew Goldhawk - bass, lead vocals
John Green - keyboards, vocals
Jamie McGregor - drums, backing vocals
Matt Zafiratos - guitar, vocals

Lenses (ep) (1997)
Color Of Space (1999)
Between Sunlight And Shadow (2002)
Of All The Mysteries (2007)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: May 15th 2001
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
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Language: english


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