Hillman, Steve - Matrix

Year of Release: 1994
Label: Cyclops
Catalog Number: CYCL 011
Format: CD
Total Time: 66:43:00

If you like 100% pure instrumental music then this is your pick! Described as a cross between Tangerine Dream and Hawkwind, that should give you a basic idea of what this music is all about. Composer Steve Hillman has already issued loads of independent cassette albums, so he knows what he's doing.

Opener "Overdrive" has some of the brightness of German novelty act Rheingold whilst some of the synth-sounds remind me of Dr. Who. "Matrix (Part One)" is very cosmic and has some nice Wakeman-type Moog solos throughout. There's some strong Hawkwind/Ozrics influences in "Interchange" with some spacey guitar all around. With the flute of Linda Hillman added to the eastern influenced music of "Sphinx Dancer," the music gets into the Magic Mushroom Band/Third Ear Band mould.

Very bombastic and completely different to the rest of the material is the big noise of "Into Space." Fripp-like guitars are all over the place in the short "Sequent Seven." "Matrix (Part Two)" offers us again the nice flute playing of Linda Hillman placed against a backdrop of sequenced bass and smooth strings, making it one of the most original tracks on this lengthy disc. The fact that he uses a real flutist against the possibility of using a synth makes me wonder why he didn't use a real drummer instead of that nerve-wracking drum machine? Apart from this little negative point I can only recommend this release to all those millions out there who need good quality, original instrumental music to go with their videoshoots. Sorry Vangelis!

Overdrive (4:55) / Matrix (Part One) (9:59) / Interchange (7:06) / Ascendant (2:53) / Sphinx Dancer (5:21) / Into Space (4:20) / Taken To The Limit (5:06) / Sequent Seven (2:47) / Matrix (Part Two) (9:16) / Dawning Light (2:12) / Into The Blue (9:33) / Tritone (3:15)

Steve Hillman - electric guitar, bass, keyboards, synthesizers, drum programming

From Distant Shores (cass) (1983)
Ashtar (cass) (1985)
Evocations (cass) (1985)
New Horizons (cass) (1986)
Ashtar (cass; re-release w/new synth parts) (1987)
Timelevels (cass) (1987)
Worlds Beyond (cass) (1988)
Phases (cass) (1989)
Distant Horizons (cass) (remixed comp) (1989)
Labyrinth (cass) (1990)
Continuum (cass) (1993)
Matrix (1994)
Riding The Storm (comp of remaster tracks from cass) (1996)
Convergence (1999)
Opener Of The Ways (new rec. of cass trks) (2002)
Ashtar (remastered 1987 ed. on ltd. ed. CDR) (2003)
The World Over (2006)

Genre: Electronic

Origin UK

Added: May 22nd 2001
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

Artist website: www.stevehillman.net
Hits: 779
Language: english


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