Defyance - Time Lost

Year of Release: 1999
Label: self-released
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 49:29:00

Time Lost is an album that cannot be judged based on only one listen, as on that first time, everything will go by in a blur, and will seem to be nothing so special; just another prog metal release. But after repeated listenings, some of the bands unique characteristics rise to the surface. That's not to suggest that this band is totally unique, as some their "uniqueness" isn't exclusive, but that are only a handful of bands that sound like this. Perhaps the strongest influence upon this band has been Iron Maiden, right on down to Andreas' Bruce Dickinson like vocals. You'll hear passages here and there that will make Maiden classics spring immediately to mind, even if the song itself doesn't reference that particular track. Tracks that standout are "My Nightmare," "Break The Silence" and "From The Sky," but you have get through a lot of "filler" to get there, as the first two are the last two tracks on the album. That isn't to suggest that the rest of the album is utter dross, but it's just there. Oh, I suppose "West Horizon" should go in the first category, as it's the first time you hear the Maiden thing, but even after a dozen listens, I can't recall a thing about what comes in between these named tracks. Other names to drop to describe their sound would be Royal Hunt and Artension, probably more so the latter.

Here's what makes this a difficult call. The performances are good, so there's most of the points there. If this band were half as good, you'd feel cheated. So you're getting some very well played metal, but as I noted when reviewing "From The Sky" in my review of Unearthed, there is a certain looseness to the band that should be tightened up for future releases. There is something that seems out of sync...though I can't quite pin down just what it is that makes it so. Larry mentions that the guitars are in sync, and that is true. It's these guitars together that seem out of sync with everything else, though the situation is the reverse. If were to measure the degree, we'd be talking millimeters, a fraction of a second, which makes it subtle and undetectable but by feel. Though, because it is so minute, maybe it's just me.

The production quality is good, but it seems a little clinical. Warmer production would have gone a long way to make this an even better release. I even played around with the "sound" settings on my player to see if I could tweak it a little. But none of the options: rock, pop, live, or vocal made any significant change except how sounds were emphasized. Usually I have this setting off, as I'm not quite sure it's purpose beyond the obvious. Maybe a little more sound separation, and better balance separation. There comes a point during on track where the keys are too separated from the mix, a tendency I associate with Vanden Plas, one of two things I found distracting about The God Thing (and album I otherwise love). Larry has a different perspective on the production, so I encourage you to read his review.

There are vocal melodies here and there (a la Shadow Gallery) that do stand out, the pre-chorus on "My Nightmares" for example. If you're new to metal and just wanting to get your feet wet, there are better, stronger places to start, but if you are already soaking, then Defyance will make a nice addition to your collection.

Turn To Yesterday (5:18) / Shadows In My Mind (5:37) / West Horizon (5:14) / Between The Lies (4:15) / From The Sky (5:48) / Unturned Stone (5:51) / The Game (3:48) / My Nightmares (6:48) / Break The Silence (6:46)

Brent Scott - guitars
Marcus Peterson - guitars
Scott Andreas - vocals
Rob McGrath - bass
Doug Beary - drums

Voices Within
Amaranthine (1996)
Time Lost (1999)
Transitional Forms (2002)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin US

Added: May 22nd 2001
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
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Language: english


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