Mats-Morgan Band - Live

Year of Release: 2001
Label: UAE
Catalog Number: UAE Disc 13
Format: CD
Total Time: 73:52:00

Listening to the opening track "Hollmervalsen" is as if you're listening to Brand X on speed. The repetitive pattern of the song is filled with jazz improvisations from the reign of avantgarde, which opens the path towards Frank Zappa right away. Mats Öberg and Morgan Agren have been composing music for the last twenty years, time in which they also collaborated with Zappa (they started out as the band Zappsteetoot). In 1994 they even won a Grammy for their work on Zappa's Universe together with Steve Vai. Later on they would perform live during the rendition of "200 Motels" in Amsterdam. Attended by Gail Zappa, chances are this one-off might one day be released on the Barking Pumpkin Records label.

Recorded in June '99 in Stockholm, Sweden at the Fasching Club, this instrumental live recording offers the raw energy from a collective that has been brought up on fusion, making it the backbone for many a composition. With three keyboard players in the line-up, keyboards are often used as percussion, putting the sample of the marimba in full focus. Morgan's younger brother Jimmy is also present. This renowned electric blues guitarist is mixed way in the back of the music, often getting close to the best Canterbury scene product. Just listen to "Ta Ned Trasan" where the true soul of National Health is revealed. Then again "Guardian Pitch" is reserved for bass player Tommy Thordsson who attacks this song as a young Stanley Clarke before weird synth sounds take over. "Banned Again" is one ball of energy which has the blind Mats Öberg almost wipe the keys off his electric piano. Mats/Morgan certainly isn't reserved for everyone, yet all of those who still need to wake up after their first night of Zappa can already call for an ambulance right now!

Hollmervalsen (11:53) / En Schizorens Dagbok (6:27) / Ta Ned Trasan (11:41) / Jigsaw Variations (6:46) / Guardian Pitch (4:44) / Paltsug (0:35) / Etage A41 (6:07) / Min Häst (7:26) / Banned Again (8:43) / Igloo (3:14) / Kintörnen (6:14)

Mats Öberg - keyboards
Morgan Agren - drums
Jimmy Agren - guitar
Tommy Thordsson - bass
Eric Carlsson - keyboards
Robert Elovsson - keyboards

Trends And Other Diseases (1996)
The Music Or The Money (1997)
Radio Da Da (1998)
The Teenage Tapes (1998)
Live (2001)
On Air With Guests (2002)
Thanks For Flying With Us (2005)

Genre: Other

Origin SE

Added: July 11th 2001
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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