MKII - Burning Daylight

Year of Release: 1994
Label: SI
Catalog Number: SIMPly 56
Format: CD
Total Time: 52:52:00

And then there were three ? Not exactly in the footsteps of Steve Hackett, Geoff Mann left our world very suddenly, leaving behind a gap too wide to fill. The three remaining members of the famous Geoff Mann Band have taken a long time to hit back, but with the all-instrumental Burning Daylight album they have certainly surprised us all.

The Floyd/Oldfield influences apart, MKII is not a showcase for individual talent, but a band performance at heart, where every single note is balanced to get the most perfect, crisp sound possible.

The repeating sequence in "Expansion II" has a strong "Tubular Bells" backbone with astonishing guitar by John Maycraft. Whilst on the Geoff Mann album Ministery Of The Interior they tried their new wave approach, they try similar rhythmic patterns in "The Cube." There's midi programming in virtually every song but it isn't disturbing. Also the use of a "real" drummer makes a nice change from the greater part of the releases.

Backed by a hypnotic tribal rhythm, "Black Mountains Theme" could well be the theme music for a television series. "Distance" is the trio's tribute to their friend and mentor Geoff Mann when David Foster-like piano music gives way to bluesy, divine guitar work signed John Maycraft. "A Winter's Tale" (sadly enough, this is also the title of a Red Jasper output which was released around the same time) draws again from "Tubular Bells" before an aggressive guitar is introduced which disturbs the otherwise mainly quiet album.

Burning Daylight is above all a solo outing for the splendid John Maycraft. However, rather than using programmed drums, he has teamed up with his "old" pals to create this bewildering masterpiece. MKII is surely a very competitive band creating some superb instrumentals. It is out of the question that MKII will continue with a singer for no one can replace Geoff Mann. I'm sure Geoff is watching from above; "and he saw it was good!"

Expansion I (4:08) / Cinquante (1:22) / Expansion II (5:11) / The Cube (4:35) / Black Mountains Theme (6:47) / Distance (8:14) / Equinox (2:23) / A Winter's Tale (7:32) / Roubles (0:31) / Burning Daylight Part I (3:43) / Burning Daylight Part II (8:26)

John Maycraft - guitars
Paul Keeble - acoustic guitar, bass
Gary Mitchell - drums


Lol Cooper - guitar

Burning Daylight (1994)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin UK

Added: July 18th 2001
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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