Becker, Jason - Perpetual Burn

Year of Release: 1988
Label: Shrapnel Records
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 00:00:00

Jason Becker came roaring back after the break up of his group Cacophony in 1988 with a solo outing entitled Perpetual Burn. It promptly acknowledged him as one of the best guitarists on the planet. Becker moved into another phase of maturity and cycle as a guitar player and technician on this album. He pulled in all the reins creatively and cut loose with some of his best guitar genius to date on this release. He also played all the bass and keyboards while handling the production duties. Atma Anur sits in behind the drum kit to keep the Becker machine churning and friend and former partner Marty Freidman was along for the ride to contribute his smokin' guitar licks and production skills. Besides those two gentleman giving Becker a hand, he did it all himself. I think the reason that Jason came into his own is because he was allowed to do it for himself and his way. I must admit that the all-instrumental album was the best vehicle for the talents of both men, and I think Jason knew it all along, hence the break up of the band. It's not necessary to have vocals accompanying this music. There is simply too much body and importance in the music. This project really showed everything that Jason had learned over the years and it highlighted his all encompassing musical skills.

The amazing opener "Altitudes" enters the fold by ushering in immense guitar layering, which seemingly glides upon a bed of keyboards. Track four "Air" is a real beautiful piece of guitar work, or works I should say. It would be putting things into improper context to say that a song had one sound or nuance. Becker's guitar is all over the place flaunting his prowess amongst many different genres, giving every song an all-encircling feel. If that isn't enough, then track five kicks you into hyperdrive with "Temple Of The Absurd." If there ever was a perfect rock instrumental, this is it. It's just one song after another of intense guitar heat that never lets up. The final curtain is drawn with "Opus Focus" which is perhaps a tribute to progressive rock group Focus? This is the top of the mountain for Becker and where only a few have stood before.

This was the pinnacle of Jason Becker's career. It all seemed to come together for him on this album. Although there were many more successes to follow, I honestly believe that this is the one career defining moment that will be forever frozen in time for Jason Becker. It really was a perpetual burn in more ways than one...

Altitudes / Perpetual Burn / Mabel's Fatal Fable / Air

Jason Becker - guitars
Marty Friedman - guitars

Perpetual Burn (1988)
Perspective (1996)
The Raspberry Jams (1999)
The Blackberry Jams (2003)

Genre: Rock

Origin US

Added: August 16th 2001
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck

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