Itziar - Itziar

Year of Release: 1994
Label: Elkar
Catalog Number: KD-10.111
Format: CD
Total Time: 35:12:00

Rare folk/progressive recording issued on the even rarer Elkar label distributed by Lost Vinyl, one of the few Spanish labels specialized in re-releasing hard to get material on CD. Itziar has some wonderful acoustic moments, most of which are delivered on guitar, sometimes with the flute in a key position as in "Ameskoi." However we shouldn't forget the superb, clear voice of Itziar Egileor who sings in the Basque native tongue, thus creating a unique sound with lyrics not to be understood at all. But who cares? At times some subtle touches of mellotron have been added to evoke the sounds of the imaginary waves. This is dreamy laidback music with lots of classical and acoustic guitars without bringing a weak copy of the widely spread flamenco music! In "Manifestu Atzeratua" there's even some use of slide guitar which is a very rare treat in this kind of music.

Vocals blend magically in "Gauaren Iratsoa" whilst we get the introduction of some fuzzy, psych guitar in "Mendigoixalearena." Without any doubt a real gem and one of the better unknown bands from the Spanish progressive scene next to Lisker, Enbor, Ganbara and Errobi.

Ameskoi (5:50) / Espetxeratuarena (5:50) / Manifestu Atzeratua (2:50) / Harri Eta Herri (3:20) / Gauaren Iratsoa (3:00) / Mendigoixalearena (4:45) / Haizearen Gogoa (5:30) / Beartsu Fameliak? (2:40) / Agur Mikel (2:22)

Itziar Egileor - vocals
Javi Robador - drums
Alex Zabala - acoustic & electric guitars, vocals
Eduardo Bazterra - bass; electric guitar, vocals
Mikel Prieto - classical guitar, electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards
Joseba Erkiaga - flute, sax

Itziar (2004)

Genre: Progressive Folk

Origin ES

Added: August 16th 2001
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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