Ars Nova - Android Domina

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Made In Japan
Catalog Number: MJC1022
Format: CD
Total Time: 48:47:00

I have to admit that the anxiety that accompanied the wait for this title has been completely rewarded, as usual, and now it has given way to a big excitement that still pervades my body and soul. OK, it's true that the CD was delivered to me with a luxurious SM version (autographed), with the Ars Nova girls (yes, Ars Nova are a Japanese female trio) all dressed up with gorgeous SM outfits, but their brainy and distinctive music was again the major reason for this peculiar feeling. Yes, because even if Ars Nova are somewhat linked to such myths of the (prog) past, like ELP and Banco (Del Mutuo Soccorso), they always find a way to explore, from this starting point, new and creative territories placed in the music pentagram, blending together with an ease that almost frightens classical, progressive rock, oriental music. There's nothing else you can say; the compositions of Keiko Kumagai (the main songwriter), Akiko and Mika are light years ahead of the rest of prog acts. An assault comprised of sound waves that annihilate the listener, with an orgy of keyboards (Hammond, synths, Moog) that attack from every conceivable corner, and always with brilliant results. The frontal charge of "Horla Rising", the pseudo-technologic delirium of "In The Cube," it seems that every time the keen minds of the girls are generating something innovative. Well, it's obvious that Android Domina is not an album that can be appreciated with a quick listen, but if you grant a fair amount of your time to the CD, and proceed with the right progressive concept imprinted in the mind, then you'll soon find out that you can't live without it. Dream Theater, Rick Wakeman, Derek Sherinian, Keith Emerson ... in two words: Ars Nova!

Released also by Musea Records (FGBG 4347.AR, 51:22)

Android Domina Part 1. Transformer - Part 2. Desire - Part 3. Hypnosis - Part 4. Instinct - Part 5. Resurrection (10:57) / All Hallow's Eve (7:54) / Horla Rising (9:26) / In the Cube (5:21) / Succubus (5:34) / Bizzarro Ballo in Maschera (9:24)

[Musea version substitutes 'Mother' for 'In The Cube' -ed]

Keiko Kumagai - Hammond, synthesizers, and synth programming
Mika - voices, synthesizers, piano, organ
Akiko Takahashi - drums, percussions


Ken Ishita - bass (3)
Noboru Nakajima - bass (6)
Numero Uno - voice (2)

Fear And Anxiety (1992)
Transi (1994)
Goddess Of Darkness (1996)
Reu Nu Pert Em Hru / The Book of The Dead (1998)
Android Domina (2001)
Lacrimaria (EP) (2001)
Biogenesis Project (2003)
Force For The Fourth - Chrysalis (2005)
Altavoz Masterpiece Series 2006 (6CD box) (2006)
Seventh Hell (2009)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin JP

Added: August 31st 2001
Reviewer: Igor Italiani

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Language: english


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