Genesis - Selling England By The Pound

Year of Release: 2000
Label: Classic Records
Catalog Number: FC 6060
Format: LP
Total Time: 52:41:00

The Peter Gabriel lead Genesis was a remarkably innovative and original band. They paved the way for many groups that would delve into the complicated arena of art rock. Gabriel was ultimately the main storyteller and certain literary giants that had made their mark through classic novels heavily influenced him. Musically and creatively the entire group was simply masterful on Selling England By The Pound. While Tony Banks drew from classical influences on the keyboards, the complicated rhythms syncopated by Phil Collins (drums) and Mike Rutherford (bass) came together quite nicely as Steve Hackett's cat quick and precise guitar lines cut through it all with powerful burst of energy. Gabriel's gentle flute, oboe, and distinct vocals completed the setting for the group.

I can't emphasize the word "group" enough. This was a creative apex when you look at what a complete and together sound they have in comparison to other releases. Everyone was right on time, and the end result was a near perfect studio recording. Previous recorded works were excellent, but this album stands head and shoulders above their previous material. This group would produce Gabriel and Collins as superstars after they went on as solo artists and Genesis would eventually give in to the mainstream pop sound after the exit of Gabriel, pushing them right out of the progressive genre quickly. They managed tremendous success regardless of that change without Gabriel at the helm. Collins has a rare turn as a lead singer on the track "More Fool Me" giving everyone a glimpse of the soon to be new lead singer. His voice is weak and it cracks at the beginning of the tune, although it eventually becomes stronger with the song. It's an acoustic number; perhaps it would have been easier for Phil if it were more upbeat. In any event, he does a fine job. "Firth Of Fifth" is an example of their heavy classical influences as Banks takes a decidedly Baroque stance behind the keyboards. "The Cinema Show" was art rock in one of its finest moments. The group jells quickly and it seems the arrangement is spontaneously recorded rather than a planned event. "The Battle Of Epping Forest" is a tad odd and a step away from the norm for the group, although it does fit in with the concept of the entire projects dramatic poetry.

It's no wonder Classic Records chose this release and earmarked it for a remaster on their fine vinyl pressings. The sound is beautifully rendered and the instrument separation is unparalleled. The music comes alive through the needle of the record player in a special way when the label takes the music through its exacting reproduction processes. Whether you are a Gabriel, Collins, or Genesis fan, you must have this version of Selling England By The Pound in your collection. Genesis was one of the original supergroups. Nobody was aware of it at the time until Gabriel left and all the members went on to solo success. Have a listen to the group before all of the changes took place and enjoy the purity of the music as it once was and will never be again.

Originally released in 1973 on Charisma (CAS-1074 / 6060)

Side One: Dancing With The Moonlit Knight / I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) / Firth Of Fifth / More Fool Me

Side Two: The Battle Of Epping Forest /After The Ordeal / The Cinema Show / Aisle Of Plenty

Tony Banks - keyboards, 12-string
Phil Collins - drums, percussion, and vocals
Peter Gabriel - vocals, flute, oboe, percussion
Stephen Hackett - electric guitar, nylon guitar
Michael Rutherford - 12-string, bass, electric sitar

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Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin UK

Added: August 31st 2001
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck

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Language: english


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