MetalSymphony - Dragons Fly Free

Year of Release: 2001
Label: self-released
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 32:39:00

As music proceeds to a more "hands on" roots level, it seems likely that the scene will see the growth of the independent artist - one who produces and distributes their own work via the Internet. MetalSymphony is one such band, the brainchild of Diego Sendra.

The CD is completely hand-made, with stick on label, and folding jacket containing reasonable artwork and even lyrics. MetalSymphony, unlike its name, really doesn't contain any metal, though it is symphonic in a minimalist way.

This 33 minute EP/CD hybrid contains 9 songs with pretty melodies and uplifting lyrics. It is progressive in the sense that the music has a personality that is original and cannot be compared to any other band. Though the material was not recorded with the best of sound equipment, the sparsity of instrumentation doesn't suffer from this. In fact, the roots level feel of the CD is enhanced by the simplicity of the compositions. There is a musical sweetness to the music which blends medieval sounds with a symphonic melancholy. There's a definite death metal influence but only in the music's mood, not in its execution.

Though all songs are good, I like songs 2 and 6 best.

Most of the songs consist of a melodious guitar with simple bass backdrop. It's not the embellishments but the sweet sound of each song that makes this a worthy addition to the varied independent scene of progressive rock out of South America. And when you order the CD, you order it right from the artist who has done a memorable job of packaging the CD.

You can find sound samples from the entire CD at the Artist's website [7/08: no longer exists, but his current project is a four-piece called Dawn Of Defiance -ed.].

Apprentice Initiation / A Lesson From Life / Rainbow Infinity / Summoning Death / Blade Of Our Steel / The Gates Of Suicide / A Second Chance / Remembering The Past / MetalSymphony

Diego Sendra - guitars, keyboards & vocals

Dragons Fly Free (2001)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin UY

Added: September 24th 2001
Reviewer: RIPZ

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Language: english


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