Various - Warmth In The Wilderness - A Tribute To Jason Becker

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Lion Music
Catalog Number: LMC 2105 2
Format: CD
Total Time: 156:03:00

Jason Becker was a young guitar God in the eighties. He played with a group called Cacophony, which released a well-regarded album entitled Speed Metal Symphony. The word symphony is not referred to loosely by any means. Becker was heavily influenced by classical music and his technical expertise with the six-string was evident in all of his music. He also is well known for his solo work on an album called Perpetual Burn. After all of that success he accompanied famous front man David Lee Roth on two albums, A Little Ain't Enough and Eat Em' And Smile. After his stint with Roth the advanced stages of the disease ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) overtook him to the extent that he could no longer play.

This astonishing tribute to Jason and his courage to fight and refusal to be defeated is a suitable and lengthy recording covering select arrangements by the artist. Created by a truly remarkable and respected artist that had a career that ended much to soon, this two-disc set puts into perspective the impact and supremacy of his music and creative energies. That very drive and vigor is what keeps the man filled with optimism and hope that he will in the end defeat the disease that has ravaged his body. I honestly don't know that if I was confronted with a life-changing situation like that if I could carry on like he has. I think most people would prefer to give up and curl up in a ball and die.

Artists from all over the world, new and emerging, well known and respected, have come together to salute the man that stood out amongst the crowd with honor and grace. He put all he had into every bit of music he made. The artists involved in this project reflect Becker's spirit on every track.

This is a breathtaking group of songs. There is a good mix of progressive rock and metal, with and without vocals. The tunes without the vocals really tell the story. That was Becker's forte; his guitar spoke loud and clear by making some beautifully inventive and original music. He is one of the most technically advanced guitarists that rock has ever seen. "A Jam For Jason" is absolutely awe-inspiring. The men that play on the song are dubbed the Cosmosquad [and The Wicked Guitar Quintet], and they are Steve Morse, Vinnie Moore, Chris Polland, Jeff Kollman and Jeff Watson [with Barry Sparks on bass and Shane Gaalaas on drums, Kollman's Cosmosquad cohorts]. This song happens to be my favorite although there were several others that really caught my discerning ears. The combination of rock, blues, jazz, and Latin influences in this song are simply mind blowing. When I saw Steve Morse's name on the credits, it all made sense after I heard the song. And that is just one number of many that rock the house. There are two full discs of ear splitting, mind bending, electrically charged rock and roll that will leave an ineradicable impression on you. I pray that Jason Becker will recover and bring to us once again his remarkable talent and musical vision. Long live rock and roll and the music of one great guitar man.

Disc One: A Little Ain't Enough / Attitudes / Eleven Blue Egyptians / A Jam For Jason / Higher / Becker Ola / Dogtown Shuffle / Go Off / Hammerhead Shark / Jasin Street / If You Have To Shoot... / Baby's On Fire / Sensible Shoes / ESP / Air

Disc Two: Opus Pocus / Mandy's Little Throbbing Heart / Blue / It's Showtime / Becker's Bolero / Lydia's House / Drop In The Bucket / Forcefield / Urmila / Black Stallion Jam / Hawking / Primal / Rain / Concerto / Tell The Truth / Outro Jam

Artists involved include: Marty Friedman (Megadeth/Cacophony), Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big/Racer X), Vinnie Moore, Phantom Blue, Mattias IA Eklund (Freak Kitchen), Jeff Watson (Nightranger), Jeff Kollman, Chris Poland (Megadeth), Steve Morse, Slav Simanic, Jeff Pilson (Dokken), Jeff Scheetz, Rob Johnson, Stephen Ross, Stormwind, Ted Poley (Danger Danger/Melodica), Kenny Aaronson (H.S.A.S.), Robin McCauley (MSG), Lars Eric Mattsson, Alex Masi, Scott Hughes, Kee Marcello (Europe), Tommy Denander, Phi Ansari Yaan Zek and more...

Various - Warmth In The Wilderness Part - A Tribute To Jason Becker (2001)
Various - Warmth In The Wilderness Part II - A Tribute To Jason Becker (2003)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin VA

Added: September 24th 2001
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck

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Language: english


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