Maxwell's Demon - Prometheus

Year of Release: 2001
Label: self-released
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 38:50:00

The guys of Maxwell's Demon obviously take great pride in being retro. First, there's the fact that most of the instruments used in the recording of this album -- such as a Mellotron, a MiniMoog, and a real (that is, not an electronic facsimile) Hammond organ -- come from Ye Olde Days of Prog. Then there's the comical, yet no doubt sincere, notice on the back: "The music on this Compact Disc was originally recorded on analog equipment. We have attempted to preserve, as closely as possible, the sound of the original recording, Because of its high resolution and bandwidth, however, the analog source tape can reveal limitations of the Compact Disc format."

Get it?

Usually, I have little patience with the world's digital naysayers, those who claim that analog recordings are far superior to digital recordings, when the truth is that it's just a matter of taste and opinion. However, I can live with Maxwell's Demon's good-hearted digital criticism because they obviously have that analog sound down so well. This album's recording is impressively warm and resonant, the sort of recording that provides analog lovers fuel for their anti-digital arguments. In short, this is an extremely pleasant recording to listen to, at least sonically.

This album is also a pleasant listen from the performance and compositional point of view, but in a profoundly different way. You're not going to find sweet melodies and stirring harmonies here. This instrumental album features difficult music that requires several listens before it starts to sink in. That these folks are Änglägärd fans there can be no doubt, because that Scandinavian influence is everywhere in this album's single thirty-nine minute track. But don't expect Maxwell's Demon to actually sound like Änglägärd, except maybe an Änglägärd that has moved its compositions a few steps closer to the avant garde.

The performances here are restrained from any single instrument's point of view, but complex in the way that the players weave intricate sonic patterns. Sometimes these patterns gel into very Änglägärd-like moments, while at other times, you'd swear that each musician was playing a different song. It all works, though, like the soundtrack from particularly strange episode of The Twilight Zone.

Prometheus (38:50)

Craig Beebe - keyboards
Dow Draper - drums
John Galbraith - guitar

Prometheus (2001)
Diablo (2008)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: October 13th 2001
Reviewer: Clayton Walnum

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Language: english


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