Queensrÿche - Live Evolution

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Sanctuary Records
Catalog Number: 84525
Format: CD
Total Time: 133:13:00

Lately I have been debating what exactly qualifies as progressive rock. There is a fine line that crosses over into heavy metal, and groups like Queensryche always walked down the middle of that line. Their music is very heavy and its always been considered to be progressive. Let's look at what defines progressive for a moment. Progressive music to me is any group that looks beyond the invisible or self imposed boundaries that are placed upon music. Those who dare to create and experiment and come up with a new cutting edge sound or another variation of a sound that falls into a specific genre are in my definition progressive. So what made Queensryche progressive? There weren't a lot of groups that were making music like them in the eighties when they kicked off their career, so that fact alone separated them from the pack. Their albums were conceptual in nature dealing with futuristic fiction themes, a trait that many progressive groups have. Some twenty million sales since their first release brings us to a live encapsulation of twenty years of development in their music. Enough said. Live Evolution is mirror image of a group and all the changes and maturity that followed as the years passed. It's all witnessed on these two rocking CDs.

The group plays to the warmed up hometown crowd of Seattle at the Moore Theater. The audience seemingly becomes one with the night as the pumped up hometown boys work their way through favorites like "Walk In The Shadows", "Screaming In Digital" and "Eyes Of A Stranger", which are the highlights of disc one. Disc two has their greatest and most recognizable song "Silent Lucidity." The first time I heard that song I wasn't familiar with their music, so my first thought was that it was Pink Floyd. I remember that clearly, and how much I loved the song. "Jet City Woman", "Breakdown" and "The Right Side Of My Mind" are also standout tracks. I have to be honest though; there isn't a weak link on either CD. This group really kicks ass, and I mean with some serious conviction. There was some magic in the air on the two nights that this music was recorded. The crowds that gathered for the two dates (7/27/01-7/28/01) seemed to serve as the emotional tide that moved the group from one song to the next.

This two-disc set was a great overview of a top-flight rock and roll group with a long and successful history. No doubt they could have easily filled four discs or more full of material spanning the last twenty years. This will prove to be a fine introduction for those that haven't been introduced to their music, and a snapshot of a great career for longtime fans. For me it was an energizing shot of youth and enthusiasm, and that is always a welcome feeling.

Disc One: NM 156 (3:56) / Walk In The Shadows (3:37) / Roads To Madness (5:46) / The Lady Wore Black (5:28) / London (4:55) / Screaming In Digital (5:01) / Take Hold Of The Flame (5:15) / Queen Of The Reich (3:48) / I Remember Now (1:13) / Revolution Calling (5:13) / Spreading The Disease (2:29) / Requiem (1:13) / Spreading The Disease (Part II) (1:48) / The Mission (5:45) / Suite Sister Mary (10:41) / I Don't Believe In Love (4:23) / Eyes Of A Stranger (6:17)

Disc Two: I Am I (4:05) / Damaged (4:12) / Empire (4:50) / Silent Lucidity (5:28) / Another Rainy Night (4:37) / Jet City Woman (5:22) / Liquid Sky (4:59) / Sacred Ground (4:05) / Falling Down (5:17) / Hit The Black (3:39) / Breakdown (4:03) / The Right Side Of My Mind (6:29)

Geoff Tate - vocals
Kelly Gray - guitars
Scott Rockenfield - drums
Eddie Jackson - bass
Michael Wilton - guitars

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Live Evolution (DVD) (2001)
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Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin US

Added: October 13th 2001
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck

Artist website: www.queensryche.com
Hits: 837
Language: english


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