NDV - Karma

Year of Release: 2001
Label: InsideOut Music/SPV
Catalog Number: SPV 085-41682 CD
Format: CD
Total Time: 64:26:00

On Karma, his first solo album, drummer Nick D'Virgilio plays guitar, keyboards, bass and drums. His talent as Spock Beard's drummer has been well documented on the group's releases, but never to this extent. Not only does he provide most of the instrumentation, he offers up a vast array of vocal talents to match each song's particular direction. He takes many directions mind you, including progressive rock, contemporary rock, ballads, an instrumental track, and all out rocking fusion.

Nick is helped along the way by guitarist Mike Keneally and bassist Bryan Bellar (Steve Vai & Beer For Dolphins) and fellow Spock's Beard members Ryo Okumoto and Alan Morse. Having that kind of support, I am sure, was key in the development of this session. What amazes me the most is the remarkable all around talent this man has. I heard many facets of his sweeping range and command of the instruments plays. There are songs that rock and come from his heavy progressive influences, others some have a pop sound to them with a decidedly improvisational edge. Thanks to his incredibly flexible drumming style other songs have hints of a classic rock sound with rhythm & blues interspersed. At times I could hear a resemblance to the group Toto, especially on the vocal side. Nothing is taken for granted as far musical styles and variety.

Every prog-rock album has a magnum opus, a grande entrance, or a dramatic curtain closer. This album is no exception. "Paying The Price" is three-part prog-rocker that shows that this drummer has few rivals. He takes no prisoners and cuts loose with a barrage of percussion and waves of guitar that makes for a fitting end to such an excellent group of songs.

Most folks see people in a different light when a performer decides to break away from the nest of his or her familiar surroundings, and a lot of the time the result is disappointment and failure. That is not a factor here; D'Virgilio will earn newly found respect from his peers and fans alike on this adventurous project. He has a new fan in this writer. This is a great album and I enjoyed it immensely.

Released in North America by the now defunct InsideOut Music America (IOMACD 2026), also by Ear Candy (ECRCD004)

The River Is Wide (7:12) / Dream In Red (4:35) / Forgiven (3:09) / Karma (3:12) / The Game (4:07) / The Waters Edge (6:29) / Come What May (5:11) / Untitled (3:26) / Will It Be Me (4:16) / Anything (3:55) / Paying The Price - Dysfunction (4:32) - Paid The Price (5:45) - Unknowing (8:45)

NDV - vocals, drums, guitar, keyboards, programming, percussion, bass
Mike Keneally - guitar, piano
Bryan Bellar - bass
Rick Mussallam - guitar
Dave Carpenter - bass
Peter Plumeri - background vocals
Kevin Gilbert - piano, guitar
Alan Morse - guitar, cello
Ryo Okumoto - keyboards
Mike Johnson - Wurlitzer

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Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: October 26th 2001
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck

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Language: english


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