Vai, Steve - Alive In An Ultra World

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Epic Records/Sony
Catalog Number: 85183
Format: CD
Total Time: 89:55:00

First I must say that I was shocked to hear that this tremendously ambitious project by Steve Vai has not experienced brisk sales. It has generally been ignored by the music buying public. I am here to tell you that you are missing one the greatest live albums ever recorded if you don't buy this now. Alive In An Ultra World is two-disc set in tribute to the culture, native ethnicity, and music of nations all across the globe. Vai studied music from one hundred fifty ethnic albums and played one hundred four shows before realizing the dream of this breathtaking work of recorded rock-ethnic masterpieces. This set is a culmination of four years of sweat and patience. Utilizing a mobile studio to translate his vision into workable songs for his band, Vai went through some painstaking and difficult processes to make all of this happen. Keep in mind he didn't have a top-notch studio in Los Angeles and the comforts of home to work out of. With all of that in mind, that makes this entire excursion that much more fascinating and incredible. Each song has a write up by the man himself. He talks about the countries he visited, his experiences, and how the musical process started and how it was finished. It is imperative that you read the information provided for each track so you find an understanding, meaning, and appreciation for each countries music and tradition. Above all, the total experience is not only found in the music, it is in the words of the man that made it all happen.

Disc one starts things off with a proud march in honor of Poland called "Giant Balls Of Gold." It's a powerful rocker that never lets up, and a fitting way to kick off a live rock and roll album. "Blood And Glory" for the United Kingdom is the most regal and exciting track on the disc. It's a true reflection of the pageantry relevant to the Queen's land. The most eclectic and tasteful track is Vai's ode to Spain entitled "Iberian Jewel." Visions of the run of the bulls come to mind while listening to this gorgeous soundtrack set to a proud and diverse countryside.

Disc two opens with "The Power Of Bombos." It's a rousing Greek number that has the audience dancing in the streets, chanting, and hollering. The audience reactions are fabulous throughout these performances. "Incantation" for Bulgaria is a song that will send chills up and down your spine. The crowd goes berserk when they realize what this American guitar hero has done in tribute to their country. Vai can also sing quite well, which may come as a surprise to some of you. He provides some solid vocals for "Alive In An Ultra World" and "Light Of The Moon." I was taken aback by the brilliance of Vai's multiplicity with the guitar. His appreciation for each country and their music was evident.

Vai gives a heartfelt nod to all of those involved in the making of this live pearl. He shares his feelings through his music in a very special way. Every country he played for could tell that he believed in what he was doing, and it all came from the inside, there is nothing superficial about any of this. This is music that will excite, heal, and give hope that the world will one day unite regardless of race, religion, or upbringing. That's what this is all about. Music is universal, and indeed we are one as humanity onboard mother earth. Feel the music and its meaning, it's a beautiful thing.

Disc One: Giant Balls Of Gold (Poland) (4:45) / Burning Rain (Japan) (4:50) / The Black Forest (Germany) (6:38) / Alive In Ultra World (Slovenia) (3:53) / Devil's Food (Holland) (10:09) / Blood And Glory (United Kingdom) (8:45) / Whispering A Prayer (Ireland) (4:38) / Iberian Jewel (Spain) (4:38)

Disc Two: The Power Of Bombos (Greece) (5:04) / Incantation (Bulgaria) (8:53) / Light Of The Moon (Australia) (5:47) / Babushka (Romania) (6:42) / Being With You (In Paris) (6:24) / Principessa (Italy) (5:51) / Brandos Costumes (Gentle Ways) (Portugal) (6:04)

Steve Vai - guitars
Philip Bynoe - bass, vocals
Chris Frazier - drums
Eric Goldberg - keyboards
Mike Keneally - guitar, keyboards, vocal
Mike Mangini - drums
Dave Weiner - guitar, acoustic guitar, sitar

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Alien Love Secrets (VID) (1997)
Live At The Astoria In London (2003) (DVD)
Visual Sound Theories (DVD) (2007)
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* reissue w/bonus

Genre: Rock

Origin US

Added: October 26th 2001
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck

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Language: english


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