Uriah Heep - Salisbury

Year of Release: 1996
Label: Sanctuary/Castle
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 42:19:00

Every group has a long lost classic album or a sleeper amongst their catalog of offerings. Uriah Heep's is Salisbury. This album was the group's second effort released in 1971. This version is the remastered release of 1996. The original British cover art of a tank bursting through a cloud of orange smoke is included; the British edition was replaced by the U.S. cover showing a shocking image of man tearing out of his own skin. Ken Hensley provides commentary once again, but the notes were much too small to read. Note: I thought it would be of interest to collectors to see both covers so I included them with this review.

I have always had the opinion that Demons And Wizards was their tour de force album; I am having second thoughts after listening to this CD a few times. My first impression was that it was very good, upon a second and more introspective listen I was positively blown away by the diversity and content of this recording. "Bird of Prey" starts things off rocking in true Heep fashion, and then things begin to change quickly keeping your ears on alert at every turn. And that aspect is what kept me so interested every moment. The magnum opus prog-rock-jazz-fusion title track is over 16 minutes long taking up a majority of the second side (the original vinyl LP track listing is provided). The tides of musical ambiance are in constant state of flux, one moment there is a rocking guitar, and then Mick Box is off on a jazz fusion journey. Along with David Bryon's standout lead vocals, Hensley, Box, and Paul Newton (bass) provide harmonies that are incredibly appropriate during each instance of change during the songs. A big surprise is the ambient and ethereal "The Park," composed by the keyboard player Ken Hensley. The sound of brass is a new element; you will hear it interwoven throughout this album, giving the overall sound a jazz backdrop with a rock core pushing it along. It's an interesting and thought provoking blend showing how the band had developed exceedingly well after their first release. They wouldn't veer off into unknown territory too much more after this album was completed.

This is without question a prog-rock masterwork that was heavily underrated and under-appreciated by the critics. I read a review on the AMG site and I was appalled at the terrible review that this got ... two lousy stars. I guess you have to be a hardcore and sophisticated prog-rock listener to appreciate a gem like this when you hear it.

Bird of Prey (4:05) / The Park (5:38) / Time To Live (4:02) / Lady In Black (4:33) / High Priestess (3:39) / Salisbury (16:02)

David Byron - vocals
Ken Hensley - organ, acoustic and electric guitar, piano, harpsichord, keyboards, vocals, slide guitar, vibraphone
Keith Baker - drums
Mick Box - acoustic and electric guitars, vocals
Paul Newton - bass, vocals

Very 'Eavy ... Very 'Umble (1970)
Salisbury (1971)
Look At Yourself (1971)
Demons And Wizards (1972)
The Magician''s Birthday (1972)
Live January1973 (1973)
Sweet Freedom (1973)
Wonderworld (1974)
Return To Fantasy (1975)
High And Mighty (1976)
Firefly (1977)
Innocent Victim (1977)
Fallen Angel (1978)
Conquest (1980)
Abominog (1982)
Head First (1983)
Equator (1985)
Live At Shepperton ''74 (1986)
Live In Europe 1979 (1986)
Live In Moscow (1988)
Raging Silence (1989)
Different World (1991)
Sea Of Light (1995)
Spellbinder Live (1996)
King Biscuit Flower Hour Live (1997
Sonic Origami (1998)
Future Echoes Of The Past (2000)
Acoustically Driven (2001)
Electrically Driven (2001)
The Magician's Birthday Party (CD) (2002)
Magic Night (SACD) (2004)
Wake The Sleeper (2008)
Official Live Bootlegs (2009)
Live At Sweden Rock Festival 2009 (2010)
On The Rebound - A Very 'Eavy 40th Anniversary Collection (2010)

The Magician's Birthday Party (DVD) (2002)
Magic Night (DVD) (2004)
Classic Heep Live From The Byron Era (DVD) (2004)
Between Two Worlds (DVD) (2005)
The Live Broadcasts (DVD) (2006)

plus numerous compliations not listed here

Genre: Rock

Origin UK

Added: May 18th 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck

Artist website: www.uriah-heep.com
Hits: 1097
Language: english


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