Kerman, Dave/5uu's - Abandonship

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Cuneiform Records
Catalog Number: Rune 158
Format: CD
Total Time: 46:21:00

Clever enough. A toy's rattle to throw the listener into a state of dumbfound expectancy and childish wonder before a bizarre rhythmic study clumsily interrupts and is accompanied by the obtuse sounds of dead instruments, stumbling through what initially appears to be nothing more than bizarre cacophony and ends up digging its way into the deepest corners of the mind, where it keeps jumping around and defiantly escapes all neural antibodies. Dave Kerman is now in your mind, and he's having a blast while your gray matter is being metamorphosed into a conduit for polyrhythmic percussion, sudden blasts of instruments importunately interrupting, smothering military doomsday, impossible grooves of sonic debris, and some pretty oddball lyrics that make sense in a strange way. Conformist antibodies? Ha! Watch Kerman eat 'em and smile.

And dance like crazy throughout your entire nervous system, pinching your spine into pangs of frightening stark pain and then shaking your legs in jittery fits of emotion, sliding down your synapses while leaving a trail of chewed up antibodies. He'll ignite an almost bossa nova piano segment followed by maladroit movements of guitar and keyboards to loiter around the goofy penguins on Dizengoff street and then drift off into a minor key march of the cutely scared stone penguins, bring silence as the night passes by, and allow the penguins to jump stupidly through your hypothalamus once again. Or he'll unleash a swarm of furious and hungry flies unto the bleak capitalist self of your greed while Deborah Ferry takes it upon herself to chastise you and put things plainly as they are, the black soul inside you retching in dissonant greedy bastard!

Oh yes, Kerman isn't all cheers and pop star plastic smiles, because that's quite frankly very boring. His world is very curious and varied, and sometimes it's fun enough to make you think you've won a trip to Disneyland (congratulations!), but normally it tends to be pretty bleak and realistic. After all, bleak = realistic the way things are with the world now, right? Driving, clumsy, spontaneous, thematic, chaotic, multi-layered, bare, jumpy, crazy, grooving, you name any non-kitsch description that can make the music intense, avant-garde, and extremely varied, and you can add it here: ____________. Mmmmm...I think I just invented interactive reviews on a whole new level. How's about this? Let Kerman exit your mind and enter mine, because this is just way too interesting to miss out on, and I'll let you add another word. Ready? Here it goes: ____________.

I hope that whatever you wrote cuts it to leave a bunch of pedantic modern philosophers debating as to what it means, because giving up the 5uu's for anything is ... well ... it's ... it's not good, ok? With the barbarian belligerence of "Thoroughly Modern Attila," the fiery introduction of "Belly-Up," or Zahi Patish's tap-dance solo, it's hard to imagine why anyone with a modicum of interest in this kind of experimental and forward-looking music would even consider pushing the "Eject" button (don't blush, I know you tried!). In fact, you know what? Let's get it straight and simple and stop beating around the bush with my eccentric analogies: this is as good as RIO gets.

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Yordei Hasira # 2 (2:12) / Couple #3 Is a Solo (4:14) / Thoroughly Modern Attila (9:21) / Penguins On Dizengoff (5:49) / Suits (2:45) / Ringing In The New Ear (0:40) / Noah's Flame (8:58) / Hill Of Spring (3:36) / Doubt Be Met (1:39) / Belly-Up (9:07)

Dave Kerman - instruments
Udi Koomran - sound
Deborah Perry - vocals

Guest musicians:

Avi Belleli - vocals
Mizhael Ezrony - speaking, reciting
Aviv Barak - hand percussion
Yoram Fogel - wind-up toy monkey
Zahi Patish - tap-dance solo

Bel Marduk & Tiamat (1986)
Elements (1988)
Hunger's Teeth (1994)
Crisis In Clay (1997)
Point Of Views (combined reissue 1 and 2 releases)
Regarding Purgatories (2000)
Abandonship (2002)
Tel Aviv Construction Events 1-3 (2004)

Genre: RIO

Origin US

Added: April 21st 2002
Reviewer: Marcelo Silveyra
Artist website:
Hits: 763
Language: english


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