Amaseffer - Exodus: Slaves For Life

Year of Release: 2008
Label: InsideOut
Catalog Number: SPV 79832 CD IOMCD 296
Format: CD
Total Time: 77:51:00

This album is like a progressively sedate Rammstein. It has a similar grittiness, but it's covered in the gravy of classical metal. Apart from cinematic aspects and sporadic utterances spat out in Hebrew, it overlaps in many areas with the second coming of Dominici's O3.

While it works as a cohesive whole, "Birth Of Deliverance" is an excellent standalone piece. The crying baby immaculately delivered at the end really sells its consolable disposition. With a coo, the paternal forces of hell take up arms to protect Egypt's divine son. Before the child pharaoh is crowned, we are blessed with a mystical overture that sails across an instrumental sea to free an incarcerated Cleopatra.

Then again, a lot of this tale is lost in translation. If I had to guess, I'd say they've raised an Army of Darkness as it has a brutal marching beat.

Pursuing other interests, "Midian" summons Opeth's armies to attack in lieu of Mikael ?kerfeldt's absence. A proven master and commander of mimicry, Kobi Farhi, is responsible for the toxic rancor injected into this campaign. Later in "Zipporah," Maya Avraham's sweet voice provides the healing antivenin. The prowess of this siren is not too unlike Stream of Passion's Marcela Bovio. Also worthy of credit, Amir Gvirtzman's flutes and Yatziv Caspi's tablas perceptibly enhance the drama.

Sans an interpreter or subtitles, all I can do is grasp at straws. As fate would have it, I recently watched that television series eponymously named Rome. The episode called "Caesarion" tells the story of boy king Ptolemy XIII's short reign. Inundating me with historically sketchy facts, I learned how his sister shrewdly overthrew the juvenile ruler with the aid of Julius Caesar. Since the album shares about as much DNA with the show's score, I matched the music to the audiovisual. Furthering my comprehension of this disc, the methodologies used to forge it appear to be equally ancient, conniving, climactic, and compelling. With trilogies and soundtracks in the works, the overall difference is that its production crew won't be cancelled anytime soon.

Sorrow (2:41) / Slaves For Life (8:28) / Birth Of Deliverance (11:11) / Midian (11:48) / Zipporah (6:10) / Burning Bush (6:31) / The Wooden Staff (9:13) / Return To Egypt (3:26) / Ten Plagues (11:29) / Land Of The Dead (6:54)

Erez Yohanan - drums, percussion
Yuval Kramer - guitar
Hanan Avramovich - guitar


Mats Leven - all lead and backing vocals
Kobi Farhi - all oriental vocals
Angela Gossow - growl vocals (4)
Yotam Avni - growl vocals (4)
Maya Avraham - female vocals (5)
Amir Gvirtzman - flutes
Yatziv Caspi - tablas (2, 4)
Yair Yona - bass (5, 6)
Kobi Farhi, Iftach Levi, Shiran Shahar, Yochai Davidof, Adva Kramer, Hanan Avramovich, Erez Yohanan, Yuval Kramer, Ma'ayan Gabay and Yotam Avni - Choir (10)

Exodus: Slaves For Life (2008)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin IL

Added: December 28th 2008
Reviewer: Joshua "Prawg Dawg" Turner
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Language: english


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