Alamaailman Vasarat - Vasaraasia

Year of Release: 2000
Label: Silence
Catalog Number: SLC 012
Format: CD
Total Time: 51:39:00

Shehnai? Didgeridoo? No, these are not animals found in the outback, but are part of the instrumentation that makes up the Finnish group Alamaailman Vasarat. This Finnish Quintet (a sixth member has been added on second cello) create intricate, fun, and, yes, insane sounding music that also incorporates more traditional instrumentation such as the saxophone, trombone, piano and drums. A circus on acid? That might help to describe the heavier side. Apparently a cello can sound quite similar to a crunchy metal guitar, and that is proven on the tracks such as "Asuntovelka" and "Tankkaustunti".

Polka bands come to mind; even a tango ("Unikkotango") and some Middle Eastern spice thrown in are some of the sounds that come through. Another interesting sounding instrument, the pump organ, adds a different dimension that reminds me of old Italian music. Along with the heavier tracks, pieces like "Jano" and "Hakumies" are slow brooding instrumentals, featuring the cello and horns to create an eerie scene.

Finding unique and interesting music that can be enjoyed and even put a smile on your face is something you don't come across often. Enjoy this one, and don't let anyone catch you dancing alone in your living room

Mamelukki & Musta Leski (2:45) / Perikunta (3:57) / Lakeus (3:22) / Unikkotango (2:46) / Asuntovelka (3:05) / Kebab Tai Henki! (3:02) / Jano (3:21) / Tankkaustunti (4:42) / Merikaarme (4:09) / Hanta Hellii Kaarme (4:07) / Hakumies (7:51) / Delhin Yot (3:04) / Siltojen Alla (5:28)

Jarno Sarkula - soprano sax, shehnai
Erno Haukkala - trombone, didgeridoo
Marko Manninen - cello
Miikka Huttunen - pump organ, grand piano
Teemu Hanninen - drums, percussion

Vasaraasia (2000)
Käärmelautakunta (2003)
Kinaporin Kalifaatti (CD+DVD) (2005)
Maahan (2007)

Genre: Other

Origin FI

Added: December 15th 2002
Reviewer: Eric Porter

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