Alien Cowboys - Analogtherapy

Year of Release: 2000
Label: self-released
Catalog Number: AC02
Format: CD
Total Time: 29:37:00

Analogtherapy is the second release from Alien Cowboys. And while a few of the tracks follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, Alien Cowboys, the band's sound has undergone a slight change, where the arrangements are busier than before. Whereas on the debut Ralph Perucci's guitar served in the role of vocalist, here, more often than not, it is serving as a lead guitar. That is, rather than a melody line, it is soloing. The drums and percussion are more up front in the mix and in that, the percussion is a little brassier, a little more silvery ? as in "Loco Motive," for example.

At times, their sound a little more "poppier," reminding me less of the 70s and more of the 80s. It still has a bit of "cowboy" twang to it, but gone for the most part are echoes of the Allman Brothers, etc. They do creep in on "Vichitah," "NY2CA" (which brings to mind a cross-country drive, and in that, also harking back to their debut) "4 The Birds," and the album's closer, "Rolling Thunder: Buffalo Chant," which adds in some tasty brass. It is a piece that also has more than a few hints of the tropical. There's a playfulness and lightness here that is quite appealing. "Dr. Evil's Dream" is suitably dark and churning, hinting at just the right amount of menace.

In terms of guitar, we can make valid references to Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, etc. because Analogtherapy leans more towards guitar virtuosity than instrumental rock, though it is, of course, instrumental rock. In addition to Perucci, back for a second visit are bass guitarist Greg Jones, drummer Ian Thomson and rhythm guitarist Bruce Stevenson.

Not as rollicking as their debut, but that doesn't make it a bad release. Quite the contrary. Having landed with Alien Cowboys and making their opening statement, they return with Analogtherapy which goes into the details. It's a deeper album in that as much as more instruments are up front, it doesn't reveal itself all at once.

Alien Cowboys Theme (3:11) / Sagarmatha (3:50) / Loco Motive (2:55) / Dr. Evil's Dream (5:20) / Vichitah (2:57) / NY2CA (3:33) / Castanets (2:47) / 4 The Birds (3:55) / Rolling Thunder: Buffalo Chant (3:09)

Ralph Perucci - lead guitar
Bruce Stevenson - rhythm guitar
Greg Jones - bass
Ian Thomson - drums

Alien Cowboys (1998)
Analogtherapy (2000)
2002: Other Space (2002)
Lift (2003)
Zero Gravity (2007)
Words (2008)

Genre: Rock

Origin US

Added: August 17th 2003
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
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