AmAndA - Qui Est AmAndA?

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Polypheme Records
Catalog Number: Poly 000 0001.AMA
Format: CD
Total Time: 56:53:00

There are bands who record one or two tracks, then hand them over to friends and relatives in order to see their reactions before they decide how to tackle a possible first album. Not so AmAndA who released the album Qui Est Amanda? long before any of us knew who the hell AmAndA was! Sung completely in French, the production for AmAndA's debut can certainly be called very professional indeed. Next to the AmAndA four-piece there's a huge choir, adding to the theatrical nature of the production. To enhance the feel of certain parts "Le Faux Éveil" has been recorded in the Saint Jean-Baptiste Church in Quevaucamps and the Saint Sébastien Church in Linkebeek. Maybe because of the opératic voices, "Welcome" can slightly be compared with the work of Devil Doll. Then again the title track "Qui Est Amanda?" sounds like a cross between cabaret and Ange. From an orchestral point of view "Falaises" is a wonderful track based around the skills of the choir before the rhythm is introduced in pure Meatloaf fashion. In fact "Falaises" is a rather long track which comprises loads of different themes. There's even typical French chanson including authentic accordion, which evolves into a waltz courtesy of the lush strings. Each time you think the song is finished though, they'd add something extra stretching the song to a mere 21 minutes!

The uptempo "Gloria Victis" sounds like an outtake from Carmina Burana with some Oldfield licks added together with an Alan Parsons Project approach. Sections of "Demain" make me think of "Total Eclipse" by Klaus Nomi who also flirted with operatic voices. The album finishes with the orchestral instrumental "Final," which contains an excerpt from the film Les Yeux Sans Visage by Georges Franju. In every aspect Qui Est Amanda? is a very professional, fully detailed product which obviously will fare better in the French speaking territories, yet it remains very difficult to put a label on this release. That's why we should not only ask ourselves the question "Qui est Amanda?" but also "what does AmAndA produce?"

Intro (0:09) / Le Faux Eveil (5:07) / Welcome? (3:52) / Qui Est Amanda? (4:31) / Les Ailes Du D&eacut;sir (3:01) / Falaises (21:44) / Gloria Victis (5:43)/ La Fin D'une Histoire (3:59) / Demain (6:40) / Final (2:03)

Thibaut de Halleux - vocals
Mik3 - keyboards, vocals
Saaam - guitars
Greg - percussions


Donatienne Moulard - reeds
A Piu Voci - choir

Que Est AmAndA? (2002)
La Maison De Flore

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin BE

Added: October 13th 2002
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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Language: english


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