Anderson, Ian - The Secret Language Of Birds

Year of Release:
Label: 2000
Catalog Number: 82762
Format: CD
Total Time: 55:00:00

On the latest Jethro Tull album, J-tull Dot Com, we could hear a bit of the latest solo album by master magician Ian Anderson by means of a bonus track. Anderson has admitted to being influenced by both folk and Arabian rhythms and its especially that rustic, folky feeling that we find on his The Secret Language Of Birds. All of the fifteen songs can be placed under the heading of pure acoustic music, featuring a truly relaxed Anderson on flute, acoustic guitar, bouzouki, bass, mandoline and percussion. Ian is mainly accompanied by keyboard player Andrew Giddings, who, along with accordion, piano and organ, also adds marimba, percussion, electric bass and orchestral sounds to the album.

A nice example of the latter can be found during ?The Little Flower Girl." Arabian influences galore in ?The Water Carrier,? with Martin Barre on guitar, whilst also during ?A Better Moon? a similar atmosphere steps in. In fact this album comes very close to the best of Jethro Tull because, as on Aqualung, to name but one album, you can also find three or so pure acoustic songs that highlight the talent of Ian Anderson, accompanied by a sparse arrangement. Similar music can be found on Songs From The Wood; Heavy Horses also contained a lot of that folk "feel." In fact Anderson is very priviliged because he lives in a huge house in the country and every morning, when he opens the bedroom windows, he looks to the fields and listens to "the secret language of birds."

Each of the fifteen songs on this album are musical paintings like only Anderson can depict them. The lyrics are his canvas, his unique timbre is the royal palette of colours whilst the flute is the 'stand-in' for the much-needed brush. This album also includes a multimedia segment where we can witness a fantastic image quality and a very relaxed Ian Anderson who explains, in a minstrel kind of way, the album, followed by a sober video of the title track. A warm and beautiful album full of class!

The Secret Language Of Birds (4:17) / The Little Flower Girl (3:37) / Montserrat (3:21) / Postcard Day (5:07) / The Water Carrier (2:56) / Set-Aside (1:29) / A Better Moon (3:46) / Sanctuary (4:42) / The Jasmine Corridor (3:54) / The Habanero Reel (4:01) / Panama Freighter (3:21) / The Secret Language of Birds, Pt II (3:06) / Boris Dancing (3:07) / Circular Breathing (3:45) / The Stormont Shuffle (3:20)

Ian Anderson - vocals, acoustic guitar, bouzouki, acoustic bass guitar, mandolin, percussion, piccolo
Andrew Giddings - accordion, piano, organ, marimba, percussion, electric bass, keyboards, orchestral sounds
Gerry Conway - drums (1, 2)
Darren Mooney - drums (8, 12)
James Duncan - drums (11)
Martin Barre - electric guitar (5, 13)

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Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin UK

Added: November 1st 2000
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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Language: english


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