Antithesis - Dying For Life

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Nightmare Records
Catalog Number: NMR-99742
Format: CD
Total Time: 63:06:00

Antithesis is an American power / progressive metal band that uses a blistering dual guitar attack, aggressive vocals, and chaotic drumming to get their point across. Unlike most "traditional" power metal bands that try to use their heavy-handed power chords to bash the listener over the head and use "metal" as the crutch for their lyrical approach, Antithesis uses intricate guitar melodies and solos to drive their sound. The word "chaotic" is very appropriate here in both the guitar attack and the drumming attack.

The music is heavy, aggressive, and at first outward listen to Antithesis, one might think that this is another typical power / thrash band. Closer listen reveals the chaotic, complex approach that this band undertakes to get music across. Power chords have mostly been replaced with intense, intricate guitar lines that hit you with the speed of light. Throw in two of these players at the same time, and it's amazing that these guys can keep up with each other, much less keep time with each other as each is playing different melodies most of the time, although many times they are totally in sync and in time with each other. The drumming is in a league of it's own; it's almost as if the drummer is separate from the music some of the time, showing that the drum kit can be used as an effective instrument all on it's own instead of just an instrument to drive the beats. It is quite untypical to have such progressive drumming in power metal music, which makes this band unique.

The vocals are very aggressive - almost in the thrash genre. Tee Cook has a very thrash sounding approach to his voice, gruff and clear yet throaty and wild at the same time. The vocal melodies are written outside of the music at times as well, giving the band yet another difference to most bands in this genre.

The production is quite dry - something that bands have been leaning towards lately. Nowhere to be found are any vocal or instrument affects such as reverb, echo, processing, etc. It's an in-your-face approach with a natural, raw, energetic sound. The bottom end is a little lacking in parts - a heavier bottom would have given this band the boom they needed to cross the bridge between a live sound and a disc sound. The vocals are just a tad back in the mix, although he can be heard quite easily. It sounds like he is being held back just a tad in the mix despite his heavy, aggressive tone. The guitars are solidly mixed, and have a killer tone to their sound. It is in the guitar tones that slap you across the face and assault your ears with every chop and lick these guys create.

The sound of Antithesis is hard to compare to most bands - but I'd say that the sound lies somewhere in the old Vicious Rumors, old Metallica, with a thrashy / chaotic style thrown in to make them sound unique by today's standards. The songs are much too complex to be compared to the listed bands, but the rawness and heavy aggression of those bands remain behind the chaos.

Unfortunately for this band, they have put themselves in a genre that is not readily acceptable in today's meticulous metal world. With their complex song arrangements, and chaotic approach to the metal, it may take a bit for Antithesis to reach the audience they would like to, but with the talent they have, it will be easier for them to gain the respect they need to make a statement to the metal world. They are certainly in a class of their own, and their next release will be eagerly awaited.

Also released by Massacre Records in Europe (MAS CD0302); includes alternate track listing and the bonus track "Secret Fires" (3:41).

Soul Of Ice (5:36) / Consequences (5:15) / Deceiver Within (4:51) / Distanced (6:11) / Times Of Trial (8:27) / Mad Poet (6:22) / Politicide (7:38) / Dying For Life (Limbo Pt 2) (9:12) / Netherworld [US Bonus track] (4:44)

Ty Cook - vocals
Sean Perry - guitars, vocals
Paul Konjicija - guitars, synth
James Lewis - bass
Paul "Krusty" Kostyack - drums

Antithesis (1999)
Dying For Life (2001)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin US

Added: February 8th 2002
Reviewer: Larry "LarryD" Daglieri

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Language: english


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