Arabesque - The Union

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Lion Music
Catalog Number: LMC 2216 2
Format: CD
Total Time: 76:15:00

Lion Music has found themselves another group of storm troopers, they are called Arabesque, and they hail from the far away land of Holland. With two firecracker female lead singers, Nicole de Seriere and Katja Salemi, this band has a very unique sound, one that is difficult to pinpoint. That is exciting to me because I can't easily explain their music, they are that original! Its undeniably progressive metal with the dark and light sides spread out equally throughout the recording. This makes for a tasty variety in the grand scheme of things. The women can sing like they are she devils or like angels, depending on the musical background they are adapting to. The musicianship is positively stellar, provided by Joop Wolters (guitar), Rene Ubachs (keyboards), Marc van Mierlo (drums), and Frank de Groot (bass).

This music is very concentrated and will require several listens to completely ingest and digest properly. I was impressed how they mixed it up so well. One moment they are in the middle of a metal rap, switch over to a death growl, and then they are singing like they are beckoning you to heavens pearly gates. It's in fact so radical it's as if they jumped out of hell and entered heaven all within the bat of an eye. And what's more, the vocals seem to fit like a glove on the hands of the music at every change in the road. There is no over production or misuse of technology, this is for real talent in its very essence at work here, without the masking of multi overdubbing and electronic gizmos. Simply put...every song kicks ass in a major way. I loved it.

If you have been in the need of something really different and you get off on progressive metal, this is one group you will fall in love with instantly. Keep an eye on this band, they are going places.

[One of those places is ProgPower Europe 2002 in October -ed.]

Freaking (7:35) / Haunted (7:23) / Inner Voice (6:28) / Last Attempt (7:33) / Naked (6:15) / Captured (8:25) / Instant Daydream (8:20) / Heal Me (6:20) / The Union (7:11) / Emotions (4:48) / Afraid To Fly (6:07)

Joop Wolters - guitar
Rene Ubachs -keyboards
Marc van Mierlo -drums
Frank de Groot - bass
Nicole de Seriere -vocals
Katja Salemi - vocals

Beyond The Veil (1994)
The Union (2002)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin NL

Added: July 30th 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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Language: english


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