Armor Of God - 2 Face Reality

Year of Release: 2002
Label: independent
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 00:00:00

Listening to Armor of God puts to rest that connotation that rock music is the devil's doing. It could not be more from the truth on their recent offering 2 Face Reality. The cover tells the story of the duality of man, the forces of good and evil that we have struggled with since we were cave dwellers and any semblance of intelligence was evident in our species. It is an old story but one that still dominates our entertainment world in movies and books.

Their words are prolific in a religious and spiritual sense and the music is not unlike anything you have heard before, so they are not breaking any new ground in that department. They have a proggy 80s metal sound, it is kind of like Dio gone Christian, if you can imagine that. I listened intently not just because of the music, which was good, but also for the message that this band is conveying to us all. The only thing I did not appreciate was the way they closed the album with a long run of one of those TV evangelists hollering and ranting, I found it irritating.

The music is the same but the meaning is so different from what most of us are accustomed to when we hear this type of music playing. These are words of hope for desperate times. We need faith and a higher power to turn to and great music makes it a whole lot easier to swallow, particularly for those people in an abyss of negativity and cynicism, some by choice and others subjected to it under different circumstances. I above all appreciated ?Lock And Chains,? and how the lyrics explained that the son of God has the key to unlock you from you self-made prison. This is heavy stuff to be sure, but it really hit home.

Just follow these simple directions before listening to this CD ? Let your ears do the listening and then let your heart do the talking.

2 Face Reality / Sacred Invocation / Mountain Of Thorns / Innocence Lost / Heaven Or Hell / Fallen Angel / I'll Be With You / Lock And Chains / Meaning Of Love / Shadow Of The Cross / Time Machine / See God

Donna Worsham -vocals, keys
Kevin McElyea - all guitars
David Worsham - drums, bass

Out Of Egypt (1998)
2 Face Reality (2002)

Genre: Rock

Origin US

Added: March 2nd 2003
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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Language: english


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