Asia - Anthologia - 20th Anniversary Geffen Years Collection

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Geffen Records
Catalog Number: 493254
Format: CD
Total Time: 162:33:00

Asia had one of the biggest selling debut albums in the 80s with their self-titled art-prog rock masterpiece. Their ascent up the charts was a phenomenon that many groups never experience during a career. They never attained that kind of success again. While ensuing releases had some solid work, their stunning debut proved too difficult to match. The magical formula and achievements of their first recorded works began to dissipate with each successive release. Some of their songs were utter syrupy pop and nothing but a shadow of the powerful artsy progressive rock-pop that they had crafted so perfectly on their first outing.

This 20th Anniversary set fills two discs with every song from Asia, Alpha, and Astra including B sides and some rarities. John Wetton's vocals always reminded of Greg Lake of ELP. He has one of the great rock voices with an immense history behind him. For me, that is why I was originally attracted to this group because I was really into ELP. Besides the fact that is all you heard on the radio and nearly everyone had the album or cassette, it was and is great music.

This was good for me to go beyond the first album and really listen closely. I heard some tracks that I truly enjoyed, like "Countdown To Zero" and "After The War." Although the keyboards remained predominant, the energy was entirely different as you go from album to album, because of shifting personnel.

As sweet as success can be, it's even harder to maintain, and it doesn't matter what field you are in, it isn't specific to music alone. A modicum of success was maintained for several years then eventually the group faded to become another classic prog-rock historical metaphor. They are once again active with a recent release titled Aura, which is a very good album in my opinion; just don't be too over anxious about what you will hear.

If you are looking for an all encompassing Asia set this is this one to pick up.

Disc One: Heat Of The Moment (3:49) / Only Time Will Tell (4:44) / Sole Survivor (4:46) / One Step Closer (4:15) / Time Again (4:43) / Wildest Dreams (5:10) / Without You (5:02) / Cutting It Fine (5:35) / Here Comes The Feeling (5:39) / Ride Easy (4:26) / Don't Cry (3:36) / The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (3:12) / Never In A Million Years (3:43) / My Own Time (I'll Do What I Want) (4:44) / The Heat Goes On (4:54) / Eye To Eye (3:07) / The Last To Know (4:38) / True Colors (3:48)

Disc Two:Midnight Sun (3:46) / Open Your Eyes (6:23) / Daylight (3:32) / Lyin' To Yourself (4:11) / Go (4:05) / Voice Of America (4:24) / Hard On Me (3:30) / Wishing (4:11) / Rock And Roll Dream (6:47) / Countdown To Zero (4:14) / Love Now Till Eternity (4:10) / Too Late (4:11) / Suspicion (3:44) / After The War (5:08) / Am I In Love? (4:23) / Summer (Can't Last Too Long) (4:15) / Prayin' For A Miracle (4:18) / Days Like These (4:04)

John Wetton - vocals, bass
Geoffrey Downes - keyboards
Steve Howe - guitar
Carl Palmer - drums and percussion
Michael Sturgis - drums and percussion
Scott Gorham - guitar
Mandy Meyer - guitar
Ron Komie - guitar

Alpha (1983)
Astra (1985)
Then & Now (1990)
Live in Moscow (1991)
Aqua (1992)
Aria (1994)
Arena (1996)
Archiva I (1996)
Archiva II (1996)
Live In Nottingham (1997)
Live In Osaka (1997)
Live in Köln (1997)
Asia Live In Philadelphia (1997)
Live At The Town & Country Club (1999)
Live Acoustic (1999)
Rare (1999)
Anthology (1999)
Axioms (1999)
Archives - The Best Of Asia 1988-1997 (2000)
Heat Of The Moment: The Very Best Of Asia 1982-1990 (2000)
The Collection (2000)
Aura (2000/2001)
Enso Kai (Live In Tokyo 1983) (2001)
Alive In Hallowed Halls (2001)
America - Live In The USA (2002)
Anthologia: 20th Anniversary Geffen Years Collection 1982-1990 (2002)
Dragon Attack (2003)
Live In Buffalo (2003)
Live In Hyogo (2003)
Live In Massachusetts '83 (2004)
Silent Nation (2004)
Gold (2005)
Definitive Collection (2006)
Live In Nottingham (2007)
Fantasia - Live In Tokyo (2007)
Extended Versions (2007)
Phoenix (2008)
Omega (2010)
Live Around The World (2010)
Resonance (The Omega Tour 2010) (2012)
XXX (2012)

Asia In Asia (VHS) (1984)
Classic Rock Legends (DVD) (2001)
Live In Moscow 1990 (DVD) (2003)
America: Live In The USA (DVD) (2003)
Fantasia - Live In Tokyo (2007)
Spirit Of The Night - The Phoenix Tour - Live In Cambridge 2009 (DVD) (2009)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin UK

Added: August 11th 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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Language: english


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