Atomic Rooster - Made In England

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Akarma Records
Catalog Number: AK177LP
Format: LP
Total Time: 51:28:00

1972 was great year for Atomic Rooster despite all the changes that the group went through. The only remaining original member was founder Vincent Crane, the maniacal and animated genius keyboard player. The soulful Chris Farlowe came onboard to give the Rooster a new and definitive sound. With some deep down growling from Farlowe, they were no longer on the edge of becoming a full blown progressive rock band, they rocked with rhythm and blues, and very hard. Steve Bolton (guitar), Rick Parnell (percussion, drums) were rock solid, and a few session men came in for the bass parts. Crane was amazing on the Hammond as usual. Crane's fascination, or obsession, if you will, with Satan came through in the music once again on "All In Satan's Name" and the bonus track "Satan's Wheel." He really believed in all of that darkness, and he lived it. He certainly looked like a strange and wiry man.

There are some really marvelous songs on this LP. I think this is one the best albums that they ever made. The opener "Time Take My Life" has an irritating repetitive verse; the music is the saving grace though, and everything that comes after that is brilliant. The instrumental "Introduction/Breathless" gives Crane the floor and shows why he was the driving force and the man behind all the music, creatively and figuratively. His grasp of the keyboards was astounding to say the least, and he shined when he was able to flex his musical muscles on instrumentals. Guitarist Bolton has some breathing room to strut his stuff as well on the track, and he takes advantage of it and shows why Crane chose him as a band member. His guitar is on fire, and he gives Crane someone to bounce his resonating keyboards off of. The man had some serious chops to offer the groups big and diverse sound. The main difference was the addition of Chris Farlowe to the fold. His strong vocal presence gave the group a new energy and focal point besides Crane, and they produced one of their finest efforts. Farlowe reminded me of David Coverdale's vocal style on several occasions, primarily on "Satan's Wheel."

The LP is the quality 180-gram vinyl that we have come to expect from Comet Records. The original colorful artwork is presented on glossy gatefold sleeves with the lyrics to each song and a sheet is enclosed to give you a background of the band and the developments up to that point in the band's history.

Originally released in 1972 on Elektra

Side One: Time Takes My Life (6:02) / Stand By Me (3:45) / Little Bit Of Inner Air (2:39) / Don't Know What Went Wrong (3:59) / Never To Lose (3:16) / Introduction (0:26) / Breathless (4:49)

Side Two: Space Cowboy (3:20) / People You Can't Trust (3:52) / All In Satan's Name (4:43) / Close Your Eyes (3:48) / Bonus Tracks: Goodbye Planet Earth (4:09) / Satan's Wheel (6:40)

Vincent Crane - keyboards
Chris Farlowe - vocals
Steve Bolton - guitar
Rick Parnell - percussion, drums

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Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin UK

Added: February 8th 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck

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