Miriodor - Mekano

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Cuneiform Records
Catalog Number: Rune 148
Format: CD
Total Time: 60:53:00

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Mekano (barely four point recipe)

Recipe by: Canadian band from Montreal
Serving Size: 1
Preparation Time: 60:53
Categories: RIO

1 - Spice up the four main members with sense of humor. Be sure to leave no bumps in the mix and achieve a smooth and consistent mass out of the sense of humor and the chops. If possible, leave parts of the four main members out of the mix for added dramatic impact when necessary.

2 - Place the challenge on a frying pan and pour the mass on all fifteen tracks, making sure that they are completely covered. Once again, if possible, leave parts of some tracks untouched by the sense of humor to make sure that some seriousness can be achieved when necessary.

3 - Sprinkle the guest musicians over some tracks; making sure that the resulting mix is smooth and consistent. Do NOT sprinkle over the fifteen tracks, but rather use them as a delicious surprise for your guests.

4 - While frying, drop the boogie (may be called groove in some parts of the world) on a good number of tracks, but not on all of them. Make sure that the boogie is a subtle part of the taste and not a very obvious one, as that will make the result much more palatable. If there is any possibility of there being any excess boogie, make sure to remove it immediately.

5 - This step, absolutely necessary in order to reach a higher frog* stature, is no longer intelligible on the original recipe. While your Mekano will still be good, this would probably have made it reach four frogs easier or even sent it to a higher degree.

6 - Add the time signature and key changes to the mix and move around until they become an indivisible part of the rest. Make sure that there are a lot of those in there; they're necessary for a successful result.

7 - Now add the complex interplay and runs, making sure that they do not cover the entire recipe and thus allow for a few moments of more suspense or almost atmospheric wonder. By now, you should have a relatively varied collection of tracks that are harmonically challenging and curiously fun. They will be harsh at some points and then smoothly palatable, but that's all part of the process. You should only worry if it seems excessively noisy or way too abrasive, as that is not how it's supposed to come out (it's not supposed to be easy listening either, so watch out for that as well).

8 - After letting the mix fry for a couple of minutes or so, pour all the dissonance on the frying pan and stir thoroughly. Make sure to pour every drop possible, as dissonance is a key element in the mix and it will spice up the challenge for your guests, making sure that the serving is as complex and difficult as all RIO is supposed to be ... certainly not a recipe for weak stomachs. Then pour the cartoonish oil on to make sure that the recipe follows the humorous nature and sounds of the mix, which should for example leave a small collection of Bugs Bunny-like effects at the very beginning. Let cool for a few minutes and voil?! Your Mekano is ready to be served.

Yield: endless servings

[*Note: In obtaining this recipe from Progfreaks.com, we did not import the 4 frogs that were to be included (regulations regarding such things, you know); you are free to substitute a marker of your choosing in substitution, or revert to the default standard of stars. - food ed., PW]

[You can read another view upon this concoction, by clicking here, kindly provided by Steph, or here, courtesy of Eric. -ed.]

La C?l?bre Boucle (The Famous Loop) (0:28) / Le R?gne Des Termites (Bugs)

Bernard Falaise - guitars, fretless bass, turntable
Pascal Globensky - numerical piano, synthesizers
R?mi Leclerc - drums, percussion, and and sampler
Nicolas Masino - bass, numerical piano, and keyboards
Marie-Chantal Leclair - sax
Marie-Soleil B?langer - violin
N?mo Venba - trumpet

Rencontres (1986/1998) (reissue has bonus tracks)
Tot Ou Tard (1988?)
Miriodor (1988)
Third Warning (1991)
Jongleries ?lastiques (Elastic Juggling) (1995)
Mekano (2001)
Parade/Live At NEARFest (2005)

Genre: RIO

Origin CA

Added: June 2nd 2002
Reviewer: Marcelo Silveyra
Artist website: www.miriodor.com
Hits: 653
Language: english


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