Izz - I Move

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Doone Records
Catalog Number: DR2-669563
Format: CD
Total Time: 73:03:00

Perhaps one may run across small conglomerates of hopelessly radical naysayers on the defensive across the world, but disregarding them in an attempt to make a point, one must concede that it's relatively easy to know what gets a good number of progressive rock listeners licking their lips and setting their little voracious eyes on an album. And, unfortunately in the opinion of this particular reviewer, sometimes the formula is too predictable, repetitive, or diffuse, and nevertheless gets people madly raving about it. A matter of taste, one could say. If you find yourself a part of the madly raving, it is your immediate, unavoidable, and surely enjoyable duty to get Izz's I Move. If not, you might just want to read what's coming next.

The core approach of Izz is ironically both its greatest strength and weakness, as it is the band's principal element of surprise and unexpected change and at the same time the principal lack of a coherent direction: the will to use the relatively new psychedelic dreaminess of Radiohead at one point and then swerve into an extensive suite of classic symphonic rock the next. And considering the gradual development of the progressive rock community and its increased fondness for modern psychedelia, it is doubtlessly a logical formula. Unfortunately, however, it doesn't work all too well in this case.

Sure, there are some incredibly great songs here and there with just enough spice of originality to pique one's interest and spark a rapid-fire goose bump invasion; especially the deliciously delectable mix of light humor and almost playfully edgy attitude of "I Move," the gorgeous melancholy and modern ballad sentimentality of "Another Door," and the better half of the lengthy "Coming Like Light," which sees Tom Galgano taking the spotlight in a dazzlingly tasteful piano performance with jazzy zest and timely flair. What's more, the record moves ahead in perfect unison and commendable quality until the initially absorbing but ultimately forgetful dissonance of "Star Evil Gnoma Su" arrives, after which focus is lost, shattered into a thousand fragments, and found but a couple of times until "Light From Your Eyes" closes the work with a blessed recovery of what makes this band tick.

But the fact remains that I Move is ultimately an affair that is often too predictable and seems to grope blindly for a steadfast hold that is never quite found. Not that the band does not have talent or potential, as some of its material does indeed show a knack for melody and emotional discharge that at points coalesces into truly memorable moments, but there is still a long way to go for this New York act in terms of self judgment and the threshing of good ideas. Furthermore, considering the band's ability to create songs that fit the progressive rock public's taste like a glove, there is no reason why things couldn't change really soon. Hopefully they will.

Similar artists: Radiohead, early and late Marillion, Yes

Spinnin' Round (2:59) / I Move (5:25) / Weak Little Lad (3:50) / I Already Know (3:56) / I Wanna Win (5:46) / All The New (1:24) / Star Evil Gnoma Su (8:38) / Another Door (4:43) / Something True (2:37) / Believe (3:33) / Knight Of Nights (6:38) / The Mists Of Dalriada (2:42) / Oh, How It's Great! (4:47) / Coming Like Light (11:40) / Light From Your Eyes (4:25)

Tom Galgano - keyboards, vocals
Paul Bremner - guitars
Brian Coralian - electric and acoustic percussion, drum programming
Greg DiMiceli - acoustic percussion
John Galgano - bass, guitars, vocals

Sliver Of A Sun (1998)
I Move (2002)
Ampersand (2004)
My River Flows (2005)
Live At NEARfest (2007)
The Darkened Room (2009)
"Places To Hide" (2009)
"Red Rain" (2011)
Crush Of Night (2012)
Everlasting Instant (2015)
Ampersand Vol 2 (2016)

Izz Live (DVD) (2011)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: June 2nd 2002
Reviewer: Marcelo Silveyra
Artist website: www.izznet.com
Hits: 679
Language: english


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