Izz - I Move

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Doone Records
Catalog Number: DR2-669563
Format: CD
Total Time: 73:03:00

If you were to judge Izz by the first track, you would think one thing -- that they are a boy band like Backstreet Boys. And given the dancable rhythm, electronic percussion and the catchy chorus... who could blame you? I mean, did Gabriel, Lake, Anderson (either one), etc. ever sing "I'm a gonna pop?" Or do so in nice harmony with the other band members? Okay Anderson, that is Jon, did sing in harmony with the rest of Yes, but... well, you get my point. Judged by this track alone, you might think that the wrong CD was stuck in the jewel case.

But, if you're wondering then if Izz are really progressive rock or merely boy band who actually play instruments, listening to the epic "I Already Know" will answer that question. They are prog in the same way that, say, Pendragon are, or Marillion were. But that's only a portion of it. Deeper in the album, you'll find some avant-jazz come spacey atmospherics come ELPish keyboardisms in the instrumental "Star Evil Gnoma Su." As Igor mentions in his review, mentioning King Crimson also wouldn't be out of place here. The kind of stuff that would make a boy band "pop" indeed -- as in, explode from the stress of trying to comprehend it.

One of the other references that came to mind was Spock's Beard, but like many other of the references, it's briefly, a guide. I thought of Pink Floyd during "I Move" and "Coming Like Light" both of which have vocal phrasings that remind me of "Fearless". But, one listen to those parpy keys from Tom Galgano and how can you not think of Marillion? The dreamy vocals on "Weak Little Lad" will make one think of Porcupine Tree. Vocals are shared by Tom Galgano (who can sound at times like Jon Anderson) and his brother John Galgano (bass, acoustic and electric guitar, and vocals, sounding a bit like Steve Hogarth). Along with Brian Coralian on electronic percussion and drum programming, Greg DiMiceli plays acoustic drums. While good, the electronic drums add a dryness to their sound that some might not find pleasing. Rounding out the quintet is the band's six stringer is Paul Bremmer, who is very, very good. I was quite intrigued with his playing not only listening to this album, but at ProgWest 2002 as well.

Some other thoughts on this album: "Another Door" could have been released in the 70s...I kept thinking of Kenny Loggin's "Celebrate Me Home" -- though perhaps mainly for the lyric "...I'm wishing you home..." This is meant in a positive way, as Loggins didn't really "lose his way" until after Caddyshack. "Knight Of Nights" is a bit arty in a Genesis way... and it sounded a bit familiar to me, like something else I'd heard... after some deep thought...well, ironically, it's Genesis I was thinking of, but of the short-lived Ray Wilson led version (again it's "Alien Afternoon" that comes to mind). That is, until the epic Emerson-like keyboards come in. "The Mists Of Dalriada" is a Celtic rock intrumental, which when I first heard it coming out of my speakers, surprised me, as it showed yet another side to Izz, which I wasn't expecting. The groovy 60s are alive with the "Oh, How Its Great," which crosses this with something that echoes John Wetton, at least vocally. That Wetton thing returns in the very next track, the jazzy "Coming Like Light." Did I say jazzy, ah, well, then becomes some akin to ELP, if a little harder edged... then Floydy (as I said above)... and bit like Marillion, a la "Man Of A 1000 Faces" as they sing/chant the lyrics... The "you can make love" refrain later in this track might seem a little hokey to some...

Anyway, the point is, we mustn't judge I Move by the first track - it's the throwaway, it's the filler, and we get it out of the way at the outset so that we can enjoy the rest of the album, which will appeal to a broad spectrum of the prog audience. It's not that "Spinnin' Round" is bad - it's a whole lot less annoying than Dead Or Alive's "You Spin Me 'Round" - it's just that I've no taste for dancable pop, at least not anymore*, and is the abberation on an otherwise very good album.

* Okay, I'll admit there was time when I was infected by some of that dance-rock, but it never progressed beyond buying a few singles here and there, and a strong dose of Marillion, Rush, and others cured it.

Spinnin' Round (2:59) / I Move (5:25) / Weak Little Lad (3:50) / I Already Know (3:56) / I Wanna Win (5:46) / All the New (1:24) / Star Evil Gnoma Su (8:38) / Another Door (4:43) / Something True (2:37) / Believe (3:33) / Knight Of Nights (6:38) / The Mists Of Dalriada (2:42) / Oh, How It's Great! (4:47) / Coming Like Light (11:40) / Light From Your Eyes (4:25)

Tom Galgano - keyboards, vocals
Paul Bremner - guitars
Brian Coralian - electric and acoustic percussion, drum programming
Greg DiMiceli - acoustic percussion
John Galgano - bass, guitars, vocals

Sliver Of A Sun (1998)
I Move (2002)
Ampersand (2004)
My River Flows (2005)
Live At NEARfest (2007)
The Darkened Room (2009)
"Places To Hide" (2009)
"Red Rain" (2011)
Crush Of Night (2012)
Everlasting Instant (2015)
Ampersand Vol 2 (2016)

Izz Live (DVD) (2011)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: November 17th 2002
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
Artist website: www.izznet.com
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Language: english


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