Pineapple Thief, The - 137

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Cyclops
Catalog Number: CYCL106
Format: CD
Total Time: 67:34:00

In the confined chambers of the world, where computers and their connections bring an entire generation under the spell of electronic dreamy depression, where isolation slowly seeps into the collective DNA of humanity, and desperate disillusion extends its somniferous roots across the world, that's where one will find Pineapple Thief. The post-alternative culture of those with sweetened melancholy in their hearts has already been tainted by the likes of Radiohead and Porcupine Tree with wide strokes of primary colors and sweeping emotion, but the shape and size of this essence is still in the making, and Pineapple Thief has brought its offering with open heart and blessed gracefulness. And 137 will be received with open arms and recognition as the newest collection of hymns for the rising collective.

Lush and dreamy, yet frighteningly real and human, this collection of thirteen songs floats with a psychedelic edge that grafts itself onto a wonderful sense of melody and catchiness. Guitars become textures resembling a gallery of multihued tapestries and motifs, swirling synthesizers with dreamy effects reach for the sky and then dig deep into the confines of the Earth, stark samples of metallic vacuousness give the music a modern edge of desperation, and gorgeous ballads alternate with rock appeal in a beautiful hour of musical luminosity. The gentle vocals of Bruce Soord will at one point reflect the na?ve innocence of a young boy and at another a moody darkness of illegal intimacy, and the music will of course follow suit. Balance, beauty, and modernity are all to be found in the plush sounds of Pineapple Thief.

The sonic opium that the music of this British band embodies will surely suspend the listener's mind in a state of intimate euphoria, and the exhilaratingly numbing rush will lodge itself deep into the recesses of one's nervous system. The dreamy perfume of poppies, spread worldwide by no means other than gorgeous music, will rest assured absorb growing numbers of youths eager to bite into the rich world of Pineapple Thief. And the resulting display of dreamy soundscapes will undoubtedly remember some of Porcupine Tree and Radiohead too much, but even those will fall prey to this album. 137: Coming to a connection near you.

Similar Artists: Radiohead, Porcupine Tree, No-Man, Smashing Pumpkins

Lay On The Tracks (4:44) / Perpetual Night Shift (5:29) / Kid Chameleon (6:57) / Incubate (3:27) / Doppler (7:33) / Ster (4:06) / Release The Tether (5:09) / How Did We Find Our Way? (3:55) / 137 (5:45) / Preserve (5:20) / Warm Me (3:37) / PVS (11:30) / MD One (3:56)

Bruce Soord - guitars, vocals, keyboards, samples, programming
Adrian Soord - synthesizers
Nick Lang - drums
Mark Harris - bass

Abducting The Unicorn (1999)
137 (2002)
Variations On A Dream (2003)
Variations On A Dream - Ltd. Edition (2003)
4 Stories Down (ep) (2005)
10 Stories Down (2005)

Live 2003 (2004) (DVD+CD)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin UK

Added: May 18th 2002
Reviewer: Marcelo Silveyra
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Language: english


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