Cirrha Niva - Liaison De La Morte

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Parnassus
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 51:47:00

If some time ago the expression "art rock" was inevitably used to describe in a more polite way the solemn music of various prog rock acts, on the other end is unquestionably that the same still fits perfectly the few musicians that, like Dutch band Cirrha Niva, conceive their music as intertwined with suggestive visual shows. And I'm not talking about simple masks or futile glitters here, but of complete theatrical interpretations, like the ones that Arnold Kloek, singer of the group, and Liselotte Hegt, bass player, provide in this concept album entitled Liaison De La Morte. The story resumes the usual dilemma between life and death, sorrow and joy; and it was written entirely by Rob Willemse, one of the two guitarists of the band, who focuses his attention on the main characters' states of mind. But, to be honest, the music of Cirrha Niva would be effective even without a sophisticated plot such as this, because these musicians have a natural talent in mixing heavy structures, reminiscent of the darkest Pain Of Salvation moments, with old prog rock traits and gloomy atmospheres of melancholic feeling (similar to the ones of Jesus Christ Superstar). However, the references concerning Pain Of Salvation are mandatory, as Daniel Gildenlöw and friends participate in the choir that underlines some verses, which in turn are more incisive. The only thing that remains to be said, in the end, is to hope for a full tour in support of the album, so everyone will definitely benefit from this great audio/visual combination ... but rest assured, if you possess only the record, strong sensations flow nevertheless.

October 31st (2:55) / Nightwish (8:05) / Le Parade (7:58) / Nostalgia (10:45) / Melancolique (9:52) / Echoes (7:48) / The Beginning Of... (4:24)

Arnold Kloek - vocals
Liselotte Hegt - bass
Rob Willemse - guitars Peter Vennema - guitar, midi
Tommy White - drums and percussion
Wilbert Van Den Broek - keyboards, midi, sequencer

Angela van den Tillaart - contralto
Carin Bruggeman - soprano
Daan Cuppen - baritone
Kristoffer Gildenlöw - double bass, choir
Daniel Gildenlöw - choir, screams
Johan Langell - choir
Frederik Hermansson - choir, screams

The Mirror World Dimension (1997)
No More Psychosis (1998)
Enter The Future Exit (1999)
Liaison De La Morte (2001)
For Moments Never Done (2009)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin NL

Added: April 7th 2002
Reviewer: Igor Italiani

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Language: english


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