Barron, Louis And Bebe - Forbidden Planet

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Moving Image Entertainment
Catalog Number: MIE008
Format: LP
Total Time: 39:23:00

This is the first Hollywood film score to use electronic music. Louis and Bebe Barron made their music from cybernetic (controlled feedback) circuitry; they were also the inventors of the technology. Keep in mind that this was prior to the Moog Synthesizer becoming available to the public, so these folks were real pioneers. The celluloid recipient of this new sound was the now classic sci-fi film Forbidden Planet.

This kind of piece is for collectors mainly; although those that have interest in the development of electronic music would find this fascinating listening to the humble beginnings of what was to become the catalyst of many popular musical genres.

The Moving Image Entertainment (a part of Comet Records) label's focus is music for films. They always do a terrific job with the sound, artwork, and overall packaging of the product. The vinyl is absolutely top quality, as usual. This particular label's vinyl has a sheen and brilliance that is different than its sister labels. It's instantly recognizable when you pull the album out of the sleeve. The album is housed in the traditional gatefold LP jacket with several color photo stills from the motion picture and a sheet inside the album sleeve with a picture of the album cover and liner notes and commentary on the back.

For some this would be a novelty, for others, a coveted treasure. It all depends on your listening preference and what you enjoy collecting.

Side One: Main Titles (Overture) / Deceleration / Once Around Altair / The Landing / Flurry of Dust - A Robot Approaches / A Shangri-La In The Desert/Garden With a Cuddly Tiger / Graveyard - A Night With Two Moons / "Robby, Make Me a Gown." / An Invisible Monster Approaches / Robby Arranges Flowers, Zaps Monkey / Love At The Swimming Hole / Morbius' Study / Ancient Krell Music / The Mind Booster-Creation of Matter

Side Two: Krell Shuttle Ride And Power Station / Giant Footprints In The Sand / "Nothing Like This Claw Found in Nature! " / Robby, The Cook, And 60 Gallons Of Booze / Battle With The Invisible Monster / "Come Back To Earth With Me" / The Monster Pursues - Morbius Is Overcome / The Homecoming / Overture (Reprise)

Louis Barron, Bebe Barron

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Genre: Electronic

Origin US

Added: July 30th 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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Language: english


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