Blow Up Hollywood - Blow Up Hollywood

Year of Release: 2002
Label: self-released
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 47:30:00

With a name like Blow Up Hollywood your first thoughts may be of the violent and destructive nature. Their name will tell the tale, and the movie that is forthcoming will most certainly blow up Hollywood's glitter and glitz in a most convincing way. Their story is one that we all must live with every day of our lives, the mysteries of death and dying. These talented Indie artists got together for three weeks at a rented beach house to make all this happen. The next step is a full length feature film with this music as the soundtrack. The parallels to the songs are interesting in that the music will come full circle, as it is born, matures, and then finally dies. The artists are keeping their identities a mystery just like the subject matter of this project. There is nothing but pictures, song titles, and a brief quote in what would normally house the liner notes. That's all you will find, the rest is up to you as you listen to the music.

I have always had a tremendous fascination - or obsession, if you will - with what happens to us when we die. It all hit me as hard as rock when my mother died in 1989. When reality hits home in your own backyard your entire perspective on life itself changes forever.

This music is very intriguing, as dark, brooding, and haunting as the angel of death itself. Yet even so, it all has a very magnetic appeal and urges you to reflect up what's inside you. There is no superficial meandering here. Just wait until you see their website, it's not your typical music website, oh no. Their site is a virtual encyclopedia of death and dying. Some may consider this morbid and uninteresting; I for one chose to deal with reality and hence my mind is in a continually inquisitive state of challenged awareness with the unknown. As serious and to the point as all this may sound to you, don't be put off by it. Just remember it's all about the music first, and then everything will follow naturally.

There is one thing I do know ... this music is utterly perfect for the movie it will accompany. This is really good music with a good rhythm and texture, much like the rhythms of life set to music. There are violins, guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards, much like anything else you would listen to on a rock album.

Just think, once you get past "Heaven Or Hell" then your "Ascension" to the next plane will be that much more gratifying. Just remember one thing before you spin this CD, let the music unlock the door, and then walk through that door with its help.

Holly's Kite (1:39) / Floating (2:50) / It's Not Me (7:18) / Descend (3:18) / Heaven Or Hell (3:29) / Beyond The Stars (4:19) / It's Not Me (reprise) (2:33) / Kite (5:23) / Adrift (3:22) / Ascension (3:08) / Coming Home (8:40) / Legacy (1:31)

Steve Messina - guitars, vocals
Thad DeBrock - guitars, processing
Dave Eggar - cello
Daniel Mintseris - keyboards

Blow Up Hollywood (2002)
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Stars End (2005)
Diaries Of Private Henry Hill (CD/DVD) (2006)

Genre: Rock

Origin US

Added: July 16th 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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Language: english


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